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Single & Party Sized Drink Options 

Spicy Margarita    –      single 9oz =  $10,   double 16oz  =  $16,   quart 32oz = $32

White Sangria     single 9oz =  $10,   double 16oz  =  $16,   quart 32oz = $32



PUMPKIN Pancakes w/Walnuts *      13

Belgian Waffle        12

Steak -N- Eggs  16

Eggs Florentine  13

Chorizo Hash Skillet       14

Spinach & Feta Omelette             13

Brussels Sprouts Hash  14

Breakfast Burrito  12

Bacon, Egg & Cheese  12

French Toast  12

Raspberry Pancakes        13


Side Hollandaise  2

Side Bacon   6

Side Grilled Steak   8

Side Grilled Chorizo   6

Side Breakfast Potatoes   6

Side Eggs (2)   3

Side English Muffin   2

Side Gluten Free Toast   3

Side Tortilla Chips  2

Side Toast   2

Side Gravy  4

Side Salad   6

Side Cole Slaw  4

Side of Veggie Chili  with cheese & sour cream, jalapeños     9 

Side of Meaty Chili  with cheese & sour cream ,  jalapeños   13


Mimosa  $10

Bloody Derby  - Tito's Vodka, whiskey, house bloody mary mix,  smoked black pepper rim     $12

Bloody Mary  - Tito's Vodka , house bloody mary mix,  giardiniera    $12

Peach Bellini - prosecco & peach purée   $11

French 75 -  gin, prosecco,  lemon juice, sugar & lemon twist - $12


This is NOT your watered down "All Inclusive Package:"  This is the Branded FU*KIN Saloon!

Our frozen drinks are prepared fresh daily and they pack a PUNCH!  

These drinks are strong and only available for professionals who can hold their booze, proceed with caution, honey.

12 oz  =  $14          24 oz  = $26


Branded  Blowjob  -    Baileys*, coffee liqueur,  Amaretto* , whip cream.   No hands allowed!      7.  (*contains almonds)

Sour Puss   -  Vodka,  Cassis,  lemon,  sugar syrup      7

Green Tea Shot   -  Irish Whiskey & Peach Schnapps        9 

Pickle Back  -  Whiskey & Chaser of House made Pickle-juice       9


Apple Pie Martini    13

Tastes just like a fantastic martini to get thru a famity gathering,  w/ a cinnamon sugar rim

Basil  & Cucumber Martini -    13

We grow our own basil,  and Antonio uses it to make this big girl drink

Fire Island Squatter  -    13

Cucumber & Melon Spritz w/  Effen Cucumber Vodka & Melon Liqueur 

Key Lime Pie Martini  -    13

Tastes just like a Summer slice o' Key Lime Pie,  w/ a graham cracker rim 

W A P "Wet Ass Peaches"  Martini   (Grown Ass Women ONLY ;)    -    13    

La Passion    -    13     

Lil' Sassy    -    12      

Smokey Sweet Tart  -    12      

Jack -n- Smoke    -    12

Georgia Oh My My    -    12

Shy Ronnie    -    13      

Branded Sling    -    13

The Master Of None    -    12

Van Lear Rosé    -    13

Armored Parmer    -    12

Aperol Grapefruit Spritz    -    13

Espresso Martini -    13

Made with Espresso and vegan Bailey's  (*contains almonds)


Spicy Margarita    –      single 9oz =  $10,   double 16oz  =  $16    quart 32oz = $32

White Sangria             single 9oz =  $10,    16oz  =  $18,    Large Carafe   32oz = $38


         16oz = $9      32oz = $17

Sloop No Pumpkin IPA - fall seasonal   6%

Lagunitas IPA     5.7%.  

Lefthand Milk Stout    6%

Collective Arts Guava Gose    4.9%

Blue Point Toasted Lager    5.6%

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale   5% 

Allagash White Witbier    5.1% 

Downeast Cider     5.1% 

Victory Prima Pilsner  5.3%

Sloop Juice Bomb IPA  6.5%

Sixpoint Bengali IPA     6.6%


*Beer and prices are subject to change based on the thirst of Brooklyn. You know it's a contact sport out there. Thank you for your understanding.



Leaf Pile Harvest Pumpkin Ale    7

Hudson North Toasted Pumpkin Cider  10


Medalia Light   - A taste of Puerto Rico, small in size, big on flavor   10 oz. can     6

Stella    8

Bud /  Bud Light    6 


Hudson North Standard Cider  10

Hudson North Big Apple Imperial Cider 10 


Dyke Beer Tall Girl Gosé    (16oz Can)    10

Gluten Free 

Glutenberg Session IPA - Buckwheat, Millet and Quinoa Beer - Gluten Free,  16 oz. can     12

Glutenberg Blonde  Gluten Free  16oz. can    12


Athletic Brewing Non-Alcoholic IPA can    9

WINES See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, Savor your way through our Collection


Ben Haines Amber  Victoria,  Austrailia  2021      Glass- 13 Bottle - 48


Zin Blend  Angels & Cowboys Sonoma     Glass- 13   Bottle -48  


Muscat   Kvaszinger   Tokaj, Hungary  2021   Glass- 12    Bottle -42

Grüner Veltliner   Setzer,  Austria  2020       Glass- 12 Bottle -42

Sauvignon Blanc  Coeur du Mont   France 2022     Glass- 12        Small Carafe (3+gl)  $33 Large Carafe (5+gl)  $55


Rosé   The Pinot Project   Vias, France         Glass- 12        Small Carafe (3+gl)  $33 Large Carafe (5+gl)  $55


Prosecco   D.O.C.  Treviso Cuvée Della Contessa 1925     Glass- 12 Bottle -42

•Raise a glass of this refreshing Prosecco from Italy that sparkles with fine effervescence. Aromas of white peach, grapefruit and honeydew melon lead to flavors of creamy ripe lemon, refined citrus and a toasted brioche finish.

Champagne  Mouzon-Leroux L'Atavique, France    Bottle - 130



Spiked Seltzers

Nutrl Orange,  Vodka Seltzer  10 

Nutrl Watermelon. Vodka Seltzer  10 

Spiked Kombucha

June Shine Acai Berry Hard Kombucha   10 

June Shine Mango Daydream Hard Kombucha   10 

Talkhouse Grapefruit Tequila Soda    (12oz. can)    

Ranch Rider Ranch Water  (12oz. can)  

Gay House Bubbly Rosé   

We Sake     

Little Sumo Sake   

Balanced between sweet and dry with elements of fruit and nuttiness.  Aromas of melon and plum, and rich texture with flavors of Asian pear, banana and almonds.    Gluten Free  



New England Clam Chowder    10

Add Bacon+ 3 / Add Chorizo +3

Chicken Noodle Soup       10


Roasted Butternut Squash Salad   11

Roasted Butternut Squash, Spinach, Goat Cheese, Candied Walnuts, Balsamic Dressing

add grilled steak +8    add fried chicken +3  add bacon +3   add grilled chicken +3  

Southern Fried Cobb Salad       14

Classic Caesar Salad                    13

Greek-Inspired Salad                 13

Vietnamese-Inspired Salad          13

Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Salad        13

Kale, Apple, Cranberry Salad        12

Kale  Caesar        13


Branded Burger                               16

Mac Daddy Burger                         16

Texas Burger                                  16

Chorizo & Egg  Burger                   16

Turkey Avocado Burger 15

Housemade Veggie Burger              14

Grilled Beyond Burger 12


Veggie Wrap                                      13

Grilled Chicken Club                      14

Fried Chicken B•L•T                                  14

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich           14


Grilled Bratwurst Sandwich             8   

Cheesesteak Sandwich        9  


Clam Cakes    (gf*)       12

Bourbon-Glazed Baby Back Ribs    14

Buffalo Cauliflower Florets     13

Chicken Strips                                   14

Mac & Cheese Bites                           8   

Brussels Sprouts     (gf*) (v)                10   


10 x Wings    16

Quesadilla                                          13

Onion Rings                                      8

Potato Skins                                     10

Fried Pickles                                     8

Popcorn Chicken                            10  

Chili Nachos         14

Branded Disco Fries                   14

Empanada  ( ask for today's selection )   3.75


Fish -N- Chips  

beer battered fish,   jalapeño slaw,  grilled lemon,  house made tartar,  fries       14

Mac & Cheese                            

cheddar & American cheese, seasoned panko   13

add spinach +1   add tomato +1

add bacon +3  add fried chicken +3   

add chorizo +3


Optional Additions !

add bacon  +3   add cheese  +2   add chorizo  +3  add grilled steak +8 

add fried chicken +3    add grilled chicken +3   side gravy +5

buffalo sauce +2  bourbon sauce +2 


Sticky Toffee Puddin'  - Sabine's Recipe from Beast Days!  Date & walnut cake with homemade bourbon butterscotch sauce      9

Cheesecake      9

Deep Fried Oreos    8

Chocolate Mousse Cake    9

BEVERAGES (non-alcoholic)  

Sprite, Coke,  Diet-Coke,  Ginger Ale,  Club Soda,  Tonic    5

House Smoked Cola   5

Cranberry Juice   5

Orange Juice   5

Pineapple Juice   5

Grapefruit Juice   5

Ginger Beer   5

Lemonade   5

Lemonade / Iced -Tea Mix    5

Milk    5

Oat  Milk    5


Cappuccino     6

Double Espresso    4

American Coffee    5

Hot Chocolate    5

Iced-Tea    5 

Iced-Coffee    5

 (gf*)  = Gluten Friendly  - No wheat flour was used in the preparation of items with  (gf*)While we strive to provide options for our Gluten sensitive guests,  we cannot guarantee that utensils and cooking equipment have not come in contact with other items containing wheat flour.   

(v)   = no animal products are contained in items with (v) .   While we strive to provide options for our Vegan guests,  we cannot guarantee that utensils and cooking equipment have not come in contact with other items containing animal products. 

Spirits & Products offered at Branded Saloon 

At Branded Saloon, we believe in supporting businesses that have a proven record of diversity & inclusion within their organizations.  We are only interested in allowing products in our establishment that come from companies that respect the environment & who also show support for their local communities.   ( for example, we only carry Grey Goose now because of the support they showed small businesses during the pandemic,  as well as House Wine's "Gay Rose" and their donation of proceeds to the HRC  ).    While this is our intention, it's an enourmous task to constantly keep a vigilant eye on every purveyors social etiquette and also run our business.  We ask you, our patrons, to let us know if we are carrying a product from a company that does not meet this basic requirement.   Email us at with any suggestions, comments, or concerns!


Grey Goose / Tito's / Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka 


 (more to come ) 


Calling All Outlaws!


Friends, Family, & Outlaws of Branded Saloon, It is with immense pride and gratitude that we invite you to join us in celebrating 11 years of Branded Saloon!  For a decade+ Branded Saloon has been a vibrant fixture of Brooklyn's Prospect Heights community; proudly serving New York City's LGBTQIA, after-work professionals, artists from all walks of life, and visitors from around the world. 

As we approach this exciting & monumental milestone, we sit here facing foreboding and costly challenges just to keep the doors open during this pandemic as we strive to safely serve the community we love. It is with a heavy heart and a big slice of humble pie that we must ask you for your help today.  With your support Branded will not just make it past a decade, but more importantly thrive until 30! Read More : Donate

Our Auto Gratuity Policy

For your convenience, a 20% gratuity will be added to all guest checks.  These tips are paid directly to our hard working staff.  Yes, you are able to leave more !   Please feel free to leave additional tips to show your support & love on the additional tip line on all credit card vouchers.   

If yer Drinkin', Yer Eatin'!

Outlaws, Vagabonds, & Voracious visitors, we are a very busy restaurant and in order to hold your table please buy food if yer drinkin. 

Food must be purchased with alcoholic drinks.

The purpose of Branded's policy is to ensure that patrons are enjoying a sit-down dining experience, not a drinking/bar-type experience which often leads to problematic situations from a public health perspective. Not everyone is vaccinated, please help us maintain constant vigilance & social distance to protect the health of our staff, crew, neighbors, and visitors. During the pandemic Branded has evolved beyond the bar only experience.  We kindly ask that you respect our food policy as it has ramifications to our inventory and table turn over. We may look busy AF today, but that is unfortunately not always the case and very very VERY weather dependent. We cannot afford to keep up with rent, electric, PPE expenses, open streets, barrier construction & maintenance, payroll, saving for winter months, etc, etc, etc, if we are only serving drinks to our tables. If this policy offends you, that is not our intention. There are a ton of great spots around Vanderbilt that you can park and drink. There is a bodega right down the block you can git yer drinkin on. We are a vibe, we need you to help us keep it alive.  We adore all y'all and hope you enjoy our fully operational Battle Station of a Kitchen & Full service bar. Manuel & Maria are in the kitchen;  got every man, womyn, & trans in here wishin'.  Dive in! 

Thank you for your continued support & understanding.

Q & A 

Q: Must a patron order food with each alcoholic beverage ordered?

A: No, as long as food is ordered at the time of initial order of any alcoholic beverages that is sufficient in substance and is also of a quantity sufficient to serve the number of patrons who are present and being served alcohol.

We apologize for any inconvenience.