Friends, Family, & Outlaws of Branded Saloon, It is with immense pride and gratitude that we invite you to join us in celebrating 11 years of Branded Saloon this Summer! For a decade+ Branded Saloon has been a vibrant fixture of Brooklyn's Prospect Heights community; proudly serving New York City's LGBTQIA, after-work professionals, artists from all walks of life, and visitors from around the world.

As we approach this exciting & monumental milestone, we sit here facing foreboding and costly challenges just to keep the doors open during this pandemic as we strive to safely serve the community we love. It is with a heavy heart and a big slice of humble pie that we must ask you for your help today. With your support Branded will not just make it past 11, but more importantly thrive until 30! Read More : Donate

DJ Pretty Spinning in the Dazzle Dungeon Party

The House of Switch N Play

Renown & Regal, the House of Switch N Play is an artistic and creative Tour de Force pushing the boundaries of Drag & Burlesque to new Heights here in Prospect. Recently featured in the critically and audience acclaimed HBO & NewFest Documentary, "A NIGHT AT SWITCH N PLAY" they have delighted and inspired Every other Saturday at the Branded Saloon.

Karaoke Warzone

Thursdays at the Branded Saloon...

Church is in Session.

Queer Country Monthy

Karen Pittelman of Karen & the Sorrows has been hosting this series at Branded since 2012.

"Because sometimes you love a culture

that doesn't love you back,

and we believe in country music for all!"

Stay tuned for info on the special Podcast format later this month!

Photo of Branded Saloon Onion Rings, close up,  onion rings are crispy and golden brown

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