This week: Live music! Bingo Tuesday 8pm - Joan as Policewoman Wednesday Xmas Eve Wednesday 10pm - Big Mutts Giggle Bells Friday - Dances of the World Saturday, Mezz Walidah performing new songs on Sunday and more! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday - 12.23.2014               

Tammy Wynette's White Trash Bingo at 8pm (front room)
Ever since her humble beginnings in SW Florida picking Mushrooms from Cow Patties to drinkin' Southern Comfort out the back of a 8 Foot Tall Monster Truck in Six Mile Cypress Swamp, Tammy Wynette has embraced her Southern Roots. So much she brings a little White Trash Culture to Brooklyn every week with Tammy Wynette's White Trash BINGO Show.


Wednesday - 12.24.2014               

Joan As Police Woman plays impromptu solo show Xmas Eve
Joan As Police Woman will be playing an impromptu solo show to kill the boredom and loneliness of Xmas Eve. She may have guests, she may not. She invites spontaneous collaboration, especially if it's interpretive dance performed by someone listening to J Dilla's "Donuts" at volume 10 on her/his headphones.


Thursday - 12.25.2014                 

Branded Wishes you a Happy Holiday Season!

We will be closed Xmas day!

Friday - 12.26.2014               

Big Mutts Presents: 'Giggle Bells..'
9:00pm - 11:00pm

...laughing all the way..HA HA HA!

It's a holiday spectacular,
...but we're gonna take the high road and we're not gonna say which holiday we're referring to you know so we'll be totally politically correct but we'll still kinda hint at which holiday we're talking about so that you know that we're obviously talking about Christmas or whatever..!

Grab your giggle bells, your sack of toys and dreiDULL jokes and come on down to BrandedSaloon for yet another monthly night of stand up comedy.

We're holly, we're jolly and we're probably drunk and you should be too!
The show is FREE cause we know when you've been sleeping, we know when you're awake and we know when you've spent way too much money on black friday, and cyber monday...
Did we mention the line up is so sweet; like your Aunt's famous fruitcake (only no one ever actually eats it but you should take our word for it)

Do they know it's christmas-time at all?
No probably not but at least it will be funny.
Watch them go down in history.. or something like that.

Host: Christopher Verteramo

Max Sprinzeles
Tim Duffy
Chauncey Johnson
Casey Jost
Lisa Kleinman
Mark Hudson
Molly Lisenco
and more to be announced!


Saturday - 12.27.2014               

Dances of the World Ensemble presents an original mix of world, classical and jazz music.
Dances of the World Ensemble is a project that began with pieces inspired by the extraordinary polyrhythms of Guinea, West Africa mixed with jazz & classical music.  The music has evolved to include traditions from other cultures as well such as the blues, the tango and the waltz.  The eclectic backgrounds of members of the group develop the music in unique ways.

Press quote:
"...while [Diana Wayburn's Dances of the World Ensemble's] music is kinetic and intensely rhythmic, it has an edge and an individuality that transcend the boundaries of African music, classical, jazz, rock and film music while combining elements of all those styles...There is no band in the world who sound anything like this group."
Lucid Culture Nov. 2, 2014

Dances of the World Project
Diana Wayburn (flute/piano/composition)
Ken Silverman (guitar/composition)
Kaveh Haghtalab (percussion)


Saturday - 12.27.2014               

Shift your paradigm with the original funk, punk band Shift the Paradigm! This hi-energy combination of flute, bass, drums & vocals is impossible to recreate. Playing at Branded Saloon Dec. 27th Brooklyn, NY!
Shift The Paradigm' rocks to a new beat. This hi-energy combination of flute, bass, drums & vocals is impossible to recreate. The Schenectady based band jams original music with influences from Nirvana, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Frank Zappa & Lou Reed.

Sunday 12.28.2014               

Mezz Walidah - Performing new songs from forth coming album 

Mezz Walidah is just returning from touring Europe and South America with her electro soul band St.Lo. As St.Lo begins work on their sophomore album, Mezz Walidah would like Brooklyn to be the first to hear new songs in the works. Listen to St.Lo's first album ROOM 415 here at

Cover charge
Influences: Nina Simone, Tina Turner

Monday 12.29.2014               

Aron Blue and the Bootlegger bring their wicked, witty honkytonk to Branded 9:00pm
Aron Blue is a country singer because she can't help it. But that's what happens when you're a grandchild of radical farmworkers and a preacher's daughter. With her band the Bootleggers she brings her style of outlaw Brooklyn country that will make you dance. She don't smoke cigarettes.

Influences: Willie Nelson, Chrissie Hynde, Loretta Lynn, Creedence