Day #3 of the Prospect Heights Music Festival - 31 Bands :: July 9th-13th!! - J.A.ME.(S) BROOK - Dance Music for Mice - LICE - TYGAPAW and poker night!


Friday, July 11
J.A.ME.(S) BROOK plays Brooklyn grunge at the Prospect Heights Music Festival
J.A.M.E.(S) BROOK is a rock band that formed in the jam sessions and barrooms of Brooklyn, New York. The members of the band--Justin Goldman, Adriano Vasquez, Marcel Negret, and Ernesto Benitez--come from a wide range of places, from Colombia to Connecticut, and bring an even wider range of musical influences to our sound. In any J.A.M.E.(S) BROOK song, you might hear traces of Pearl Jam, Social Distortion, Pavement, Led Zeppelin, Gram Parsons, the Allman Brothers, Soundgarden, the Doors, or the Smashing Pumpkins. We strive to bring these influences together to create a recognizable yet new guitar-driven sound that reflects the diversity and energy of Brooklyn, the place we call home.


Dance Music for Mice plays songs of geed, lust and self-pity--a combination of country and down home blues.
Dance Music for Mice is the brainchild of Framus guitar player David Saphire, a Brooklyn native who has lived in Prospect Heights since the mid-80s. After playing gigs by his lonesome in watering holes around the neighborhood David joined forces with Ramblin' Rica, a blues-belting diva, and Stan S., a lap-steel aficionado and the former bassist for the Incredible String Band. Dance Music for Mice combines original interpretations of country and down home blues classics.


Poker night

Poker Night every Friday

WPT Amateur Championship! 8pm More than $160,000 in cash and prizes - How much will you win?


LICE, the lost children of Liberace, deliver a brand of musical entertainment guaranteed to lead you on a path of self destruction!
LICE plays heavy Rock with music and lyrics meant to send listeners and audience members spiraling into madness and erotic abandon, with a touch of sparkle. We met when the Mormon genealogy researchers in Utah called us to meeting in Salt Lake City to inform us that we were all sired by Liberace. Apparently the gay thing was just a gimmick. Realizing the truth of our heritage, we came together to carry on our father's work of bringing musical greatness to the world.


Fake Accent is a FREE weekly event that will take you on a transcendent musical journey across boroughs and time! Dj TYGAPAW will be spinning a diverse mix of sounds that differs from the average nyc club scene. If you are looking for something different, something fresh, something good, this is where you need to be! Come join the peace, love and unity dance; come and be whoever you want to be.


Dolly Trolly

Prospect Heights Music Festival


7pm- Eli August
8pm- Arun Ramamurthy Trio
9pm- Rashmi and the Band
10pm- Marek and the Boss Chops