Wednesday 05.21.14 - Letter Of Marque Theater 8pm-9:30pm

Letter Of Marque Theater 8pm-9:30pm

BULLY ME DOWN is a time-bending, interwoven epic that follows the stories of Captain Kidd, Edward Snowden, and a teenager who is a victim of bullying. Featuring re-imagined music performed by the able-bodied ensemble, the play looks at what it means to be respected, what it means to be a hero and just how far we'll go to play the victim.
Photo Credit: © Georgi Richardson
Letter Of Marque Theater is a small theater ensemble based in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Their goal is to sail our wayward generation into a positive minded, empowered and unified future. Their Purpose is to reinstate art as a cultural necessity, creating accessible and dynamic theater for this generation.

The ensemble is 3-person crew of Nolan Kennedy, Scarlet Rivera and Welland H. Scripps - actors, musicians, directors and playwrights with the aim of producing new, re-imagined theater that challenges the status quo by braving the seas of social change.

Bully Me Down is an original play written by Nolan Kennedy. Directed by Welland H. Scripps. Jason Tottenham (Actor) joins the ensemble for their heart-thumping, foot-stomping 5 week tour around Brooklyn Bars.
All shows are free.