Monday 05.19.14 - Lizzie Davis & Mitch Gettman 10:30pm - Viva DeConcini brings us "Le Lesbo Classico" interludes during the RuPaul Commercials 9pm/10pm - RuPaul's DragRace Season #6 in the Main Bar - Rooftop Gangstas Open Mic 7:30pm

Lizzie Davis & Mitch Gettman - 10:30
In January 2011, as a young singer/songwriter in Omaha, Nebraska, Lizzie Davis independently released her self-titled debut. The sound is reminiscent of classic American pop, undergirded by folk and a whisper of country.
Lizzie's voice stands out in the soundscape, with just enough hoarfrost to make it distinct. Her casual vocal delivery, both inviting and a bit sultry, is suggestive of artists as edgy as Leslie Feist or Zooey Deschanel, as timeless as Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday.
The debut showcased catchy pop hooks and intimate storytelling, matched with elegant instrumentation by a host of top-notch Omaha musicians.  Since then, she has honed her performance skills playing around the country and internationally, opening for the likes of Hannah & Maggie and Milo & Otis, and developing a devoted fan base.

"Latitudes" is Lizzie's forthcoming sophomore release, the product of a week-long torrent of creativity at Mike Mogis's Another Recording Company in Omaha, Nebraska.  It was engineered and mixed by Ben Brodin (First Aid Kit, Bright Eyes, Azure Ray), a talented multi-instrumentalist who has been central to the careers of Saddle Creek musicians like Conor Oberst and Orenda Fink.
The album builds on the strong foundation set by Lizzie's eponymous debut, developing the sweet pop and folk sensibilities with fuller arrangements and more complex instrumentation.  It exhibits great dynamic range, revealing a new power and energy in both the songs and in Lizzie's voice itself.  Still, listeners will be pleased to find that it is true to what drew them to Lizzie in the first place: striking melodies, imaginative lyricism, and that voice.

Mitch gettman has dedicated to pursuing his dream of writing and performing original songs that will engage his listener. During his young career, there have been flattering comparisons to some incredible musicians. Of course, like many before him, Mitch has musical influences that have pushed his development. But unlike most, Mitch has been able to create something that is fresh and undeniably his own. This has never been more evident than with the collection of original songs that make up his full-length, debut album "We are the Mad Ones."
The twelve songs offer a glimpse into the blossoming soul of this talented young man. This vast well of creation, at times can be a roller-coaster of emotion. A flowing wave of consciousness, which can be as simple as a good story, or a reflective account of love, loss, happiness, anger, clarity, delusion and everything in between. However, as with any talented songwriter, the interpretation is ultimately left up to the listener. Within the boundaries of "We are the Mad Ones," the listener will have a lot to consider.
From the opening track "Stay with Me," you are thrust into a powerful 5 minute epic, that not only showcases Mitch's lyrical prowess, but also introduces his knack for creating memorable and complete musical arrangements. Once inside, it's clear that Mitch has the uncanny ability to explore dynamics, feelings and music from across the spectrum, while still creating a complete album with purpose.
Guitar driven rockers such as "Inherent Blues" & "Counting Sheep" find themselves right at home next to beautiful and thoughtful songs like "Lay Down (And Rest)" and "Where Are you Now." The bouncy track "Try too Hard" seems like the polar opposite of the brooding "Drowning in my Sleep," but after a closer listen, you'll hear that the lyrics come from the same place. This place also seems to be the breeding ground for the sullen, yet sweet ballad "Last Time" which is a true testament to Mitch's songwriting ability.
Another great example of this is the gorgeous harmonies and harp work on the track "Sweet Relief." There's probably no better way to showcase what Mitch has to offer then the final two tracks, "Affection pt. 1 & 2." This powerful closer brings the album full circle with an epic ending that is more than fitting for what is sure to be the first of many from this truly gifted talent.
Viva DeConcini brings us "El Lesbo Classico" interludes during the RuPaul Commercials 9pm

RuPaul's DragRace Season #6 in the Main Bar

She's BACK.again! The unbearably long wait is over as RuPaul returns with a brand new field of gorgeous and talented sequin-sporting queens. But it's not just about the wigs and the heels, it's about performers with passion who prove to be some of the most fascinating characters on television. And this season brings us the biggest personalities the show has ever seen, all vying for the biggest prize in Drag Race history--$100,000. That's a lot of padding, honey! From deeply revealing work room interactions, to displays of wild creativity during the challenges, to their astounding transformations on the runway.every moment is hilarious, heart-filled, and truly unpredictable. As always a new star-studded panel of celebrity judges will join RuPaul to select and crown America's Next Drag Superstar. Mondays are a bigger drag than ever, as the TV's most irresistible competition show returns to Logo!

Rooftop Gangstas is now holding an open mic for comedians, musicians, poets and spoken word artists! All artists get 6-7 minutes of stage time, and will wow you with various talents, observations, and energies.  Come to the back room of the Branded Saloon and get your laugh on.