Sunday 04.27.14 - NBA Playoffs - Nafsi Groove 9pm - Mad Men Screening at bar - Peter Knoll Trio 10pm - FOXY 11pm

Nafsi Groove 9pm

Nafsi Groove is a Brooklyn, NY-based, soul-fusion band that jams out an eclectic set of original music. Incorporating blues, reggae, jazz, urban and groove music, we are proud to have hit upon the ideal combination of talent, passion, experience and inspiration that allows us to captivate audiences wherever we perform. Each of us, coming from vastly different cultural backgrounds, are accomplished musicians in our own right. We have all been studying, playing and performing most our lives and are ever-evolving students of the craft. After pursuing our dreams and reaching goals individually, we decided to bring our influences together and create, Nafsi Groove.
The name Nafsi (Nŏf-see) comes from the arabic word "Nafs", which means "self". This simply describes our mission to fully incorporate our whole, individual selves --mind, body, soul and spirit-- into the music, in order to create an experience that takes us and our audiences into another dimension. We look forward to making a positive impact as we travel from stage to stage.

Mad Men screening in the bar

**** 4.27.2014

Peter Knoll Trio 10pm
Peter Knoll Trio plays powerful avantgarde-jazz-rock at Branded Saloon!
Peter Knoll (guitar) Winner of GuitarPlayerZen Magazine's Award (November 2008)... "Peter is a world class player, and even better, he has his own unique style and voice. Something that rarely one finds." His improvisational playing is truly inspiring!" On tour in January 2014 with the hit broadway show "Chicago" in China. Peter is also known as an acknowledged guitar teacher. Amongst his students were children of U2 guitarist "The Edge" and Diana Krall/Elvis Costello. Debut CD "Certainty Is" available on iTiunes and CD Baby. Mark Peterson (bass) Bassist Mark E. Peterson has conducted, recorded and performed with such luminary vocalists as Shakira, Joan Baez, Mavis Staples, Lyle Lovett, Maxime LeForrestier, Shania Twain, Lizz Wright and Jazz great Cassandra Wilson (playing bass on the Grammy Award winning CD, "New Moon Daughter"). Andy O'Neill (drums) Andy studied with master drummers John Riley and Horacee Arnold and performed with Carmen Lundy, Andy Gonzalez, Wynton Marsalis and Bob Mintzer.


FOXY 11pm
FOXY IS...inspiration culled from tales of a city filled with hopes and dashed dreams, love and madness and chance encounters in dark, smoky bars. It's where love is for the hell of it, or sometimes just for sale. It's where men drown in the smile from a Lolita's lips and women lose their souls in hope for love or money. FOXY's music is hard and raw, thriving on both the cosmopolitan slickness and the gritty underbelly. It's where they hang their hat and find their stock in trade. This UK, Argentinian and New York City trio as schizophrenic as the environments that spawned them - frenetic yet calm, a part of it all, yet separate - welcomes the listener to their domain. Their sound moves effortlessly from languid tunes reminiscent of torch singers in back rooms, to raw hard hitting death disco themes of night and rolls over to sex drenched rock and roll, (an easy transition due to their diverse influences). Somehow you know it shouldn't work, but it does, much like the city that serves as their canvas. Like comfortable arms their sound seduces you, familiar yet inescapably different and new, a place you want to be... If you haven't experienced FOXY'll wish you had.