Wednesday 04.05.14 - Siach Hasadeh is at 8:30PM, Breslov Bar Band at 9:30, Pete Rushefsky and Keryn Kleiman 10:30

Siach HaSadeh references the play on words derived by the Jewish Sages, the word roots can convey both "plants of the field," and "meditation in the field." It is taught that every plant has its own unique song that it sings, and that those songs are gathered to make holy music. That prayer and meditation are essential components in creation, and that music, and wordless niggun is a means of expressing that which words cannot - awakening the soul directly without language and its inherent barriers and limitations. Formed on a Saturday night in the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, Siach HaSadeh explores and performs off the beaten track Chassidic and spiritual Jewish melodies, primarily from the early sages of the Chassidic movement, as well as some piyutim from the Eastern Jewish traditions - music that was used to express the deepest emotions, and to attain spiritual heights and closeness to the Creator, in dveikus. Much of the repertoire comes from transcriptions from songs as they are sung in the Chassidic communities of today, as well as from early 20th century recordings from Eastern Europe, and a collection of the transcriptions from a long lost uncle from Staszow, Poland, of songs he remembered from before the War. The approach to the material is reverential, and minimalist, but allows for improvisation and self expression from the voices of the two musicians (and guests) - drawing on their diverse musical backgrounds and experience, without losing touch with the original intent. Siach Hasadeh is primarily a duo, composed of bassist and composer, Joel Kerr, and clarinettist Yoni Kaston, but also exists as a quartet, with violinist Daniel Fuchs and cellist Gael Huard, which has an aesthetic similar to a contemporary string quartet, while emphasising open improvisation and collective expression. Breslov Bar Band From melancholy midnight meditations to funky/punky affirmations of the One, the Breslov Bar Band explores musical expressions of the Breslov Chassidim from the traditional to the contemporary. Blending Klezmer/Hassidic music with Middle-Eastern, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Punk, and other musical styles in an organic manner, the band puts on a high-energy show that is both visually and musically compelling. Members are powerful improvisers and no two performances are alike. In addition to keyboards and vocals, BBB bandleader Binyomin Ginzberg plays the vibrandoneon -- a mouth blown variation on the Argentinian bandoneon -- which adds an intriguingly exotic component to the group's sound.