Wednesday 03.26.14 - Balkan Music Night 8pm-11pm - Sherita 9pm

Balkan Music Night 8pm-11pm

Sherita 9pm
Sherita, named for a pink, fossil fuel dinosaur whose portrait has adorned a Brooklyn billboard since the 1970s, gathers inspiration from the sounds of bygone eras to create music that is alive in the present moment. Through exploration of the acoustic traditions of the Balkans and the Near East, Sherita makes music that is at once both ancient and modern; by turns haunting, exuberant, enchanting. This quartet opens a musical time capsule, sent for posterity. The old songs and dances they find inside come to life again, and give rise to new ones. The world of an aging billboard is reborn in the present-day city.
Sherita is: Renee Renata Bergan - percussion, vocals, Rima Fand - violin, vocals, Adam Good - oud, Greg Squared - clarinet, vocals