Tuesday 03.11.14 - 528 Trio 7pm - Useless Beauty 8pm - Nafsi Groove 9pm - Tara Lynne Band 10pm - Tammy Wynette's White Trash Bingo 8pm

528 Trio 7pm

528 Trio was formed by Kat Yew and Annie Allauzen 2 years ago.  They have been performing for the past year and just released an EP, "Sounds from Brazil."

Useless Beauty 8pm
Stay tuned for our new album, coming soon!!
Useless Beauty started with two friends -- songwriter/pianist/producer Nam Choi and vocalist Katie Boone -- who met in NYU’s Music Technology program and began a journey that has led them through the streets of New York City and beyond. You may have discovered them performing at the Sidewalk Cafe, Bowery Poetry Club, the Bitter End, Fontana's, Matchless or Bar Thalia at Symphony Space, among other venues. Their creations defy categorization and explanation -- in fact, their music has been called everything from “quirky” “refreshing” and “cute”, to “complicated” “unexpected” and “inappropriate for children” -- and their influences range from pop/rock to folk to classical, down south to Brazil…
Their music has been called everything from “quirky” “refreshing” and “cute”, to “complicated” “unexpected” and “inappropriate for children.”

Tara Lynne Band 10pm
Brash, poetic,and gifted singer-songwriter with an electrifying stage presence, empassioned lyrics, and an impressive vocal range." -Philadelphia Weekly
Now, infuse that with lush, sultry vocal harmonies/percussion stylings of Zac Gilbert & Jerielle Morwitz. Add some special sauce to the mix w/ the John Bonham-esque dynamics of Tami Johnson on drums (9 yrs w/ T.L.).. Rounding out this tasty dish is fellow singer-songwriter Sarah Mucho (The Sometime Boys) on bass. TLB plays mostly the Tri-State area and is excited with the release of their new album "Time Lapse Orchids"!

Nafsi Groove 9pm

Nafsi Groove is a Brooklyn, NY-based, soul-fusion band that jams out an eclectic set of original music. Incorporating blues, reggae, jazz, urban and groove music, we are proud to have hit upon the ideal combination of talent, passion, experience and inspiration that allows us to captivate audiences wherever we perform. Each of us, coming from vastly different cultural backgrounds, are accomplished musicians in our own right. We have all been studying, playing and performing most our lives and are ever-evolving students of the craft. After pursuing our dreams and reaching goals individually, we decided to bring our influences together and create, Nafsi Groove.
The name Nafsi (Nŏf-see) comes from the arabic word "Nafs", which means "self". This simply describes our mission to fully incorporate our whole, individual selves --mind, body, soul and spirit-- into the music, in order to create an experience that takes us and our audiences into another dimension. We look forward to making a positive impact as we travel from stage to stage.

White-trash BINGO with Tammy Wynette 8pm

Ever since her humble beginnings in SW Florida picking Mushrooms from Cow Patties to drinkin' Southern Comfort out the back of a 8 Foot Tall Monster Truck in  Six Mile Cypress Swamp, Tammy Wynette has embraced her Southern Roots. So much she brings a little White

Trash Culture to Brooklyn every week with Tammy Wynette's White Trash BINGO Show..Join tons of young Gays as they gaze upon an "Actual Living Gay Icon" in the flesh!!!!
"I have only seen one( Gay Icon) on TV or Magazines." Jarred Sharrar,from Brooklyn says "Or bad Drag Queens trying to be them".
"Tammy Wynette is the REAL DEAL!!! Shes everything a Drag Queen wants to be: Beautiful, Out Spoken, Talented, Ballsy but she has a Vagina!!!" Exclaims Cory Smith.
Join Tammy Wynette as she calls the BALLS every Tuesday at Branded Saloon