Sunday 03.02.14 - Sami Grisafe 12:30pm - Opentoe Peepshow Salon 7pm - Oscars Party 8pm

Sami Grisafe Brunch: An Afternoon of Music 12:30

Sami Grisafe is an award winning singer-songwriter and World MVP Quarterback who is known for her folk rock style and provocative lyrics. She is touring to promote her second album, ATLANTIS, and the new feature documentary, THE TACKLE GIRLS: One Team, One Mission, which stars Grisafe and features her original music.

OpenToe Peepshow Monthly Salon 7pm
The Opentoe Peepshow is a monthly salon that reveals new work by 4-6 queer artists each time. The extravaganza takes place the first Sunday of every month in Branded's back room!
Curated by the fabulous and fierce Heels on Wheels, a Brooklyn-based group of interdisciplinary artists who create performance-based cultural works and community events that have a feminist and radical agenda, are produced from sites of femme/inine-positive queer embodiment, and reveal the power in under-represented communities.