Tuesday 02.04.14 - Brady Oh! 9pm - Tammy Wynette's White Trash Bingo 8pm

The Brady Oh Show 10pm-12am
Coming out of the heart of rural central New York, Brady grew up with an unconditional love for classic rock, punk, and country. He took that love of rock n’ roll to college, majoring in Music Industry at Syracuse University. Upon graduating in 2008 he headed down to the City to pursue a life of music. Having been in countless bands since elementary school, Brady now co-fronts the funk punk band Hunters & Runners with fellow Jingle Punk Liam Farrell, as well as leading his own monthly residency in Brooklyn, The Brady Oh Show.

  White-trash BINGO with Tammy Wynette 8pm

Ever since her humble beginnings in SW Florida picking Mushrooms from Cow Patties to drinkin' Southern Comfort out the back of a 8 Foot Tall Monster Truck in  Six Mile Cypress Swamp, Tammy Wynette has embraced her Southern Roots. So much she brings a little White

Trash Culture to Brooklyn every week with Tammy Wynette's White Trash BINGO Show..Join tons of young Gays as they gaze upon an "Actual Living Gay Icon" in the flesh!!!!
"I have only seen one( Gay Icon) on TV or Magazines." Jarred Sharrar,from Brooklyn says "Or bad Drag Queens trying to be them".
"Tammy Wynette is the REAL DEAL!!! Shes everything a Drag Queen wants to be: Beautiful, Out Spoken, Talented, Ballsy but she has a Vagina!!!" Exclaims Cory Smith.
Join Tammy Wynette as she calls the BALLS every Tuesday at Branded Saloon