Sunday 02.09.14 - Play Saloon 12pm - Wendy Hatchett 2pm - The Clover 7pm - Emmanuel May Pazavekmi 8pm - Anatomy 10pm

Play Saloon - 12
Hey all you Cowgirls and Cowboys! Sidle on down to The Play Saloon for some good ol' fashioned play. Let your playful self out for a ride, connect with self and others and play with your food!
We'll try on our western identity and make a game out of our favorite western outlaws and legends. Then we'll enjoy a few rounds of “Push Your Buttons”, do a paper symphony and some other fun things.
We'll wind down with a pre-Valentine's Day "I Love Me" sense-ual food meditation and some chocolate.
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Wendy Hatchett - 2
The Wendy Hackett Band has no limits to what they can do. They can tug at your heartstrings with a country ballad or get the house on its feet with their grits and gravy Rock & Roll.  Wendy Johnson and Brendan Hackett have been writing and publishing songs together since 2008. The Wendy Hackett Band is full of talent. Cody Rahn (Drums), Alex Minier (Bass), and the beautiful Elsa Nilsson (flute) complete the impressive ensemble. When not playing with The Wendy Hackett Band these musicians can be seen sitting in and touring with some of New York’s best rock and jazz acts.

The Clover at 7pm. All the way from Japan, all-girl Beatles tribute band
All the way from Japan, all-girl Beatles tribute band The Clover visit New York for the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' first US visit in 1964. Members are; Momo (guitar), Sherry (bass) and Yuko (drums). They are cute yet tough, sexy and funky with lovely look, beautiful harmonies and energetic sound!

EMMANUEL MAY PAZAVEKMI 8pm - returns to Branded Saloon to play their unique breed of original rock 'n' roll. (There might also be some free candy!!!)
Emmanuel May Pazavekmi don't mess around. Every time they show up... heads roll!!! They got tons of rockin' original tunes. Get on the bandwagon before they get too big for their own britches! And remember, when this trio of hard-rockin' soulful poets get goin'... healings WILL occur. HEALINGS, I tell you. Healings.

Anatomy 10pm

Anatomy is led by trumpeter Luther Wong and pianist Casey Lakritz. While at the New School they began composing and performing together. Inspired by dollar slices and late night coffee, they will also perform arrangements of Duke Ellington and Cole Porter. They are joined by drummer Harrison Keithline and bassist Jeff Biegel.