Saturday 02.22.14 - Stephanie Mims 8pm - Buckeye Rooster 9pm - Sam Decker 10pm - Steven Chelliah 11pm

Stephanie Mims 8pm
Stephanie Mims grew up in Brooklyn ( Fort Green) where her father Douglas Mims, a professional musician (Saxophone) ignited her inherited musical talent by practicing for hours a day for most of her formative years.  They were visited regularly by other Jazz Musicians like Bill Lee ( Spike Lee's father). Needless to say, Stephanie learned early what she wanted to do with her life.
Stephanie is a Singer/Songwriter who studied piano and composition at The City University of New York and later taught herself to play the guitar, just as she taught herself to play the flute as a child.
Stephanie has been in bands with names like "New Voo Doo" and "What The Funk"
as a backup singer.
Stephanie can currently be seen performing at local clubs in "the city" and Brooklyn but she also enjoys performing in the New York City subways where she feels she helps make the experience of a New York City Subway ride more enjoyable.
Stephanie finds it to be an excellent way of contributing something positive to her community.

Buckeye Rooster 9pm
Buckeye Rooster was formed in Fall 2011 and since has been presenting a modern twist on the bluegrass music world, with original compositions that have been opening eyes and minds of audiences who had not before had the deep rich harmonies and acoustic instruments used on their iPods. The band members, inspired by a modern fusion ranging from Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, and even Hollywood Cowboy Gene Autry, have been attracting lots of notice while staying true to the bluegrass sound.
The band was formed by cousins Jon Randazzo (harmonica) and Bryan Lynch (banjo), who brought in long-time friend Mike Colucci (mandolin) and another cousin, James Wilson(bass), together with Donald Griffith (fiddle) and finally, Lucky Happenstance (guitar). Its shows are non-stop fun, high-energy and excitement to be a part of. They are guaranteed to have the crowd singing, foot stomping and dancing through the end of the final set. Like all great bands with presence, the crowd will likely refuse to leave before Buckeye Rooster's final encore is complete!

Sam Decker 10pm:
Sam Decker moved to Brooklyn, New York, in early 2012.  He is proud to make music with some of New York’s most talented young jazz musicians. Sam is at home in the genres of straight-ahead jazz, contemporary jazz/improvised music, free improvisation, as well as rock and folk music. Drawing from sources such as Stravinsky, Mark Turner, Deerhoof, and Elliot Smith, his music is both familiar and unfamiliar.

Steven Chelliah 11pm
Coming from a lineage of court composers in South India, now-award winning performer and composer in his own right, Steven Chelliah was indubitably destined for a future immersed in music. Growing up in Malaysia, he was subsumed in eastern musical traditions. His family was a famous singing group in the 1970’s, featured on national television, BAKAT TV (talent TV).
Steven was also taught formally and extensively in advanced musical and theoretical concepts within the Western tradition from a very young age. He says “When I was fourteen, I realized that Western musicology had developed music through systematized notation and theory from the times of the Renaissance to Bach to Coltrane and all the way to the present… If fused with the exotic microtonal musics of the east… there is all the potential in the world for a supreme form of music…”
When Steven was only 14 years old, he played guitar and sang before a crowd of five thousand in London, England, which included the mayor, and received a full standing ovation. It was an annual musical festival of Christian music, held at the Calvary Church of God Auditorium, and featuring the country’s best musicians and performers in the English contemporary christian genre.
By the time Steven was sixteen, he was performing three to five nights a week at professional clubs and events in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as a lead guitarist, arranger and music programmer. In 2007 he was appointed by the Malaysian government and ASTRO (the biggest satellite company in the South East Asian region) to be musical director for a thirty show tour all over East and West Malaysia. They performed to sold out venues live on national television, including playing in a stadium before a crowd of thirty thousand fans, which included the prime minister and his full cabinet.
An honor graduate of world famous Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, Steven holds two degrees, in Jazz Composition and Contemporary Writing and Production respectfully. He was a recipient of the Berklee achievement scholarship for outstanding academic achievements and outstanding musicianship, and was also on the Dean’s list every semester.
While at Berklee, Steven became Student Ambassador for the Jazz Composition department and exposed his own Ultra Lydian theory of Music, which he labels as the ‘FuzAsian’ concept. “For the first time in history, all the exotic scales and modalities of the east and beyond, have been brought into this system of sonic organization, producing a whole new universe of creative possibility within the exploits of 21st century Jazz and composition.” –Professional Writing Division of Berklee (2010)
Currently working with Steven on the release of his first FuzAsian book, are top tier music scholars, theorists and authors from world renowned music institutions such as Berklee College of music and New England Conservatory of music, in Boston. Upon the release the release of the book, Steven will be developing the FuzAsian concept into an undergraduate course at Berklee College of music and several other prestigious musical institutions in the United States. “He is a truly unique and tremendously valuable musical voice in the Berklee community and the United States.. with an incredibly deep knowledge of South Indian musical systems, Steven seamlessly blends the fusion jazz idiom with South Indian musical vocabulary.. with his excellence in guitar playing, composition and music theory, but also his unique ability to explain Indian modal systems in terms a jazz musician already understands. Through this and many other ways, Steven adds to the knowledge base of our institution and the American music industry as only he can”. – Norman Zocher (Professor- Contemporary Jazz Guitar at Berklee College of music, New England Conservatory of music)
The Professional Writing Division presented a major release concert for the Fuzasian concept in December 2010. For this concert, which turned out to be a major event at Berklee, Steven directed, composed and orchestrated music for a 32-piece jazz orchestra and choir. Additionally, he has documented this theory into four books, with the first scheduled for release in Summer 2013.
Besides working on various international commissions as a writer and producer, Steven is currently working on completing material for his next CD which will debut his exploits as a singer/songwriter. Producing the album is the globally lauded Moduloktopus (Wiggy Caro), a major electronic music producer in Boston, with an expected release in September 2012. Further collaborations with Hermit, another well known and highly respected electronic music producer, (Stephen Nishimura) will showcase his prowess as a videogame music composer with the first track to be released in the next few weeks. Steven will be releasing an electro/orchestral album in May 2013, which will be his first Electro-Orchestral Symphony for full orchestra. Keep a look out for future announcement about upcoming shows, tours and festivals!