Wednesday 01.07.14 - Balkan music night - Caprice Rouge 8-11pm

Caprice Rouge explores the winding scales and exotic melodies of music, essentially, although not limited to the areas of Eastern Europe from Russian south into Greece, among them Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungry, Macedonia, Albania and Turkey. Drawing on styles from Romany musicians, Klezmers, and other folk music traditions, Caprice Rouge brings their own interpretations to these age-old tunes.

Originally working together as the Klezmer band, Pamelech Klezmer Orkester, Caprice Rouge formed to develop a broader base of styles, weaving in odd-metered tunes with the traditional 4/4 and waltz meters that we all know.

We can be small and quiet or BIG and LOUD!
Caprice Rouge is usually a quartet. We’ve played gallery openings and weddings, synagogue events and private parties, big halls and small spaces, indoors and out! The band is agile and flexible adding instrumentation as appropriate: trap set, brass, and vocals.

Caprice Rouge is:
Laura Wilson, fiddle
Karen Levine, bass clarinet and percussion
Elena Erber, accordion
Tim Allen, low-G “sol” klarino