Tuesday 12.17.13 - Ocean Carolina 8pm - Southern Belles 9pm - Country Provisions 10pm - white trash bingo with Tammy Wyncote 8pm

Ocean Carolina 8pm
The Brooklyn-based Ocean Carolina are an acousticana rock band fronted by singer-songwriter Michael Simone. The band’s excellent new album, All The Way Home, brings to mind Harvest/Harvest Moon-era Neil Young, “Tequila Sunrise” by The Eagles, and the mid-tempo elegance of a Chris Isaak record. Simone’s vocals are warm, the harmonies touching and sweet, the pedal steel guitar playing is impeccable and the songs well crafted

Southern Belles 9pm
The Southern Belles play a Frank Zappa-esque amalgamation of country, jazz, rock and funk. With an emphasis on song craft and technical proficiency, the instantly ingratiating manner by which this Richmond quartet presents its genre-bending concoctions is embedded with a vitality and vigor that Beethoven would have surely approved."
-Chris Bopst // Richmond Times-Dispatch-

Country Provisions 10pm
Country Provisions is a NYC-based quartet that honors the sound, pathos, humor, and weirdness of hard country music. Hailing from the four corners of this great yet flawed country, these music veterans provide audiences with compelling originals (peppered with a few country classics) that consider life’s daily struggles (e.g., alcohol, bestiality, work, religion, love) all the while keeping toes a-tappin’ with their choice musicianship. It’s country music as it’s meant to be!

White-trash BINGO with Tammy Wynette 8pm

Ever since her humble beginnings in SW Florida picking Mushrooms from Cow Patties to drinkin' Southern Comfort out the back of a 8 Foot Tall Monster Truck in  Six Mile Cypress Swamp, Tammy Wynette has embraced her Southern Roots. So much she brings a little White Trash Culture to Brooklyn every week with Tammy Wynette's White Trash BINGO Show..Join tons of young Gays as they gaze upon an "Actual Living Gay Icon" in the flesh!!!!
"I have only seen one( Gay Icon) on TV or Magazines." Jarred Sharrar,from Brooklyn says "Or bad Drag Queens trying to be them".
"Tammy Wynette is the REAL DEAL!!! Shes everything a Drag Queen wants to be: Beautiful, Out Spoken, Talented, Ballsy but she has a Vagina!!!" Exclaims Cory Smith.
Join Tammy Wynette as she calls the BALLS every Tuesday at Branded Saloon