Sunday 12.08.13 Terry Dame's Weird Wednesdays (on Sunday) - seee you tonight!

Weird Wednesdays (on Sunday) is an ongoing monthly series dedicated to presenting musical instrument inventors and players of objects and other musical oddities. Each month two guest artists and host/curator Terry Dame perform the finest in original creative music in a most unusual way. Episode X - Weird Holidaze, the final show of 2013, presents the work of RADIO WONDERLAND (aka Joshua Fried) and vocalist Amy X Neuburg. Plus... a short new work by chief weirdo Terry Dame, plus, plus 60 Seconds of Weirdness, special holiday cocktails, delicious comfort food of the BrandedSaloon, lovely and attractive people...what more could you ask for to ring in the holiday of your choice. This is going to be an amazing show people!! It all happens SUNDAY, Dec. 8th at 7pm. Be there or be normal!!!!!!!

AMY X NEUBURG (Oakland, California) has been developing her own brand of irreverently genre-crossing works for voice, live electronics and chamber ensembles for over 25 years, known for her innovative use of live looping technology with electronic percussion, her 4-octave vocal range and her colorful — often humorous — lyrics. One of the earliest performers to work with live digital looping, Amy has presented her solo “avant-cabaret” songs at such diverse venues as the Other Minds and Bang on a Can new music festivals, the Berlin International Poetry Festival, the Wellington and Christchurch Jazz Festivals (New Zealand), the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall, electronic music festivals, colleges, rock clubs and concert halls throughout the U.S. and abroad.

RADIO WONDERLAND is Joshua Fried, performing solo live sound processing by drumming on old shoes (he's a drummer) and manipulating a steering wheel (he's a, er, wheel player). RADIO WONDERLAND turns live commercial FM radio into recombinant funk.
All the sounds originate from an old boombox, playing radio LIVE. Nothing is pre-recorded; anything picked up during the performance is fair game until the end. All the processing is by custom software he wrote in the MaxMSP programming environment. But he hardly touch the laptop. The controllers are a vintage Buick steering wheel, old shoes mounted on stands, and some gizmos. You’ll hear grooves, built step by step, out of recognizable radio, and even UN-wind the grooves back to the original source.

Terry Dame is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and instrument inventor. Her current project is a solo one, performing on the Horn of Plenty Sounds, a sensor driven controller instrument built from recycled old brass horns, sprayers and pumps. Various types of sensors, such as motion, light and proximity, are imbedded in each object which when triggered can produce an unlimited variety of musical sounds. An old copper insecticide sprayer now sprays piano notes, a bike pump delivers electric guitar riffs, a laser toy casts an invisible beam that when plucked plays an upright bass, a rooster crows out from an old straight trumpet. The Horn of Plenty Sounds is one part musical instrument, one part science experiment, one part pure delight.

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