Wednesday 11.13.13 - The Prospect Jug Peddlers 8pm - The Red Hook Ramblers 9pm till they want to stop..

The Prospect Jug Peddlers 8pm
The Prospect Jug Peddlers” blend ragtime, blues and vintage jazz to create a unique sound more reminiscent of something you’d find in Tin Pan Alley during the depression than anything relevant in today’s world. Don’t let the juxtaposition of baldness and dreadlocks throw you; these guys have got that ragtime swing that’ll keep you and yer miss dancin’ all night. Featuring the New Jersey darling “Miss Schmidt” on mandolin.

Red Hook Ramblers 9pm
The Red Hook Ramblers are a hot jazz band coming straight out of Brooklyn! Since 2005, they have performed their genre-bending originals and classic jazz tunes at house parties, weddings, bars, clubs, speakeasies, film festivals, theaters, burlesque shows, swing dances, parades, radio stations, museums, universities, zoos, parks, libraries, European jazz festivals, NFL games, and Jazz at Lincoln Center. Through it all, the Ramblers have expanded and updated the sound, look, and attitude long associated with traditional jazz bands.