Saturday 11.02.13 - Rhea Horvath 8pm - The Next Great American Novelist 9pm - Sam Yulsman 10pm

Rhea Horvath 8pm
Rhea Horvath is a Brooklyn based vocalist and composer. Influenced by indie, jazz, and choral music worlds, Rhea Horvath creates music that allows the space for improvisation, experimentation, rich harmonies, and free, untethered expression.

The Next Great American Novelist 9pm
The Next Great American Novelist is really a musician, who sings songs about writing books and tells jokes about being serious. He can only be described as the zeitgeist of our times.

Sam Yulsman 10pm
Pianist Sam Yulsman and bassist Zach Ostroff have been improvising together in the New York City area for two years.  Their music draws on multiple genres, including Americana, rock, and jazz.  They will be debuting a series of originals and improvising on the spot, culling from their experiences a set of mini-experimental-pop songs.