Friday 11.29.13 - Mary-Elaine Jenkins 8PM - Blackwater Mojo 9PM - Cuervo Jones 10PM

Mary-Elaine Jenkins 8PM
Mary-Elaine Jenkins is a 25-year-old musician based in New York.   A native of South Carolina, she began performing live when she moved to Washington, DC to attend college.  She is a recent transplant to New York by way of Madrid, where she spent two years teaching English, roaming around, and playing a whole lot of music.  Her sound is a delicious and ever-evolving mix of blues, Americana roots, soul, and rock 'n roll, specializing in the sultry/spooky.  This ain’t your mama’s singer/songwriter music

Blackwater Mojo 9PM
Seth & Erin Young, known collectively as Blackwater Mojo, have performed their signature blend of primitive acoustic rock extensively throughout the Appalachian region of the United States, as well as Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Deriving their unique "Reso-phonic stomp" sound from a bare bones blues-rock instrumentation, they gather inspiration from music and musicians from Central Appalachia, more particularly West Virgini

Cuervo Jones 10PM
Melodic rock with an indie sensibility, Cuervo Jones have successfully fused all the best elements of their favorite music, carving a fresh new sound from their collective love of the classics. Inspired by acts such as The Ramones, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, these guys have quickly made a name for themselves in the New York City bar scene.