Friday 11.22.13 - Nafsi Groove 8pm - Michael Sachs, Sean McCluskey's Snagcheol, Sung Ho Choi 9-11pm

Michael Sachs, Sean McCluskey's Snagcheol, Sung Ho Choi 9-11pm
(Michael Sachs) - Solo saxophone set opening

9PM Sean McCluskey's Snagcheol:
Sean McCluskey - accordion
Leah Gough-Cooper - alto saxophone, recorder
Michael Sachs - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
John Tate - bass
David Andrew Moore - drums

Sung Ho Choi trio
Sung Ho Choi -guitar
Joe Goehle -bass
Leonid Galaganov  - drums
The trio seeks to create music that reflects a range of ideas; From silence to the deepest aspects of human psychology. The band draws from various musical styles and combines them with original composition, improvisation and fearless exploration of sound.

Nafsi Groove 8pm

Nafsi Groove is a Brooklyn, NY-based, soul-fusion band that jams out an eclectic set of original music. Incorporating blues, reggae, jazz, urban and groove music, we are proud to have hit upon the ideal combination of talent, passion, experience and inspiration that allows us to captivate audiences wherever we perform. Each of us, coming from vastly different cultural backgrounds, are accomplished musicians in our own right. We have all been studying, playing and performing most our lives and are ever-evolving students of the craft. After pursuing our dreams and reaching goals individually, we decided to bring our influences together and create, Nafsi Groove.
The name Nafsi (Nŏf-see) comes from the arabic word "Nafs", which means "self". This simply describes our mission to fully incorporate our whole, individual selves --mind, body, soul and spirit-- into the music, in order to create an experience that takes us and our audiences into another dimension. We look forward to making a positive impact as we travel from stage to stage.