Sunday - Punk Brunch II: Revenge of Punk Brunch - GLTR PNCH / Girlcrush / Ex By V / Screaming Queens 1pm - Philly @ NY Giants - 1pm -- Denver @ Dallas - 4:25pm

GLTR PNCH / Girlcrush / Ex By V / Screaming Queens 1pm
Brooklyn Transcore presents two out of town touring acts, Screaming Queens from Vancouver and Ex by V, of Philadelphia, playing queer heavy noise, and two Brooklyn based punk outfits, Girlcrush with songs about girls and dogs, and GLTR PNCH doing a rare acoustic set.

Philly @ NY Giants - 1pm
Denver @ Dallas - 4:25pm
Houston @ SanFran 8:30pm

Widmark 9pm
Imagine hip hop without its origin?
How would we deliver our joy, yet alone our pain?
How do we tell the world its ours for the taking?
Style.....Where would it come from?
Slang.....How would we say it?
One bold artist is bringing it ALL back....courtesy of the prowess that Widmark has honed.
New York has never left its ways. Dig past the mainstream, the  cameras & sanitized deuce and you'll discover where hip hop has hung its hat; waiting to be worn.
Widmark wants to wear that hat; that crown of REAL New York  hip-hop. Widmark saw and lived life where the streets are alphabets & the avenues are  the city's lifeblood, flowing neighborhood to neighborhood to connect  all peoples and persuasions with what is REAL about the streets! Split  between a street where on one side the grass is kept greener all year;  while on the other side cries are abundant and hope is crushed by the  daily existence of being. Widmark straddles that boundry effortlessly;  one foot in the seedy underbelly and one foot in the greener pastures.
Follow a person self made from the unforgiving jungle of the most  famous city on earth. As he gives us an art form that he can't deny.  Dreams dont die; as long as they are worth discovering. Discovery is  determination, dreams are a career paths and perseverance is what  defines an artist.
Time isn't waiting. Hip hop has never left home. Widmark knows he  is the heart of the city; he feels the city's cadence and projects it  upon the masses with unparalled flair and style.