Wednesday 09.02.13 - Emmanuel Pazavekmi 9pm

Emmanuel Pazavekmi 9pm
Emmanuel May Pazavekmi don't mess around. Every time they show up... heads roll!!! They got tons of rockin' original tunes. Get on the bandwagon before they get too big for their own britches! And remember, when this trio of hard-rockin' soulful poets get goin'... healings WILL occur. HEALINGS, I tell you

.EMMANUEL MAY PAZAVEKMI was the brainchild of a Hungarian dissident in the late 1960's who, after toiling in obscurity for several years in the greater New England area, finally compiled a group of musicians who could fulfill his vision: Suped-up, slightly alternative, occasionally countrified, somewhat poppy, exuberant and soulful... Rock 'n' Roll to bless your beautiful ears!!! Come on out and get what's comin' to ya. EMMANUEL MAY PAZAVEKMI will heal the sick and raise up the dispirited!!!