Saturday 09.07.13 - Thundera all female punk band 9:30pm - Haggard Kings 8pm - Paint Night painting party 5pm-7pm

Thundera all female punk band 9:30pm
Thundera is a head-bopping, arm-swaying, body-rockin' experience from a trio of women who make you feel their groove and will have you wanting more. The songs are infectious, the rhythm is undeniable and the calling is one you won't want to ignore. Like their influences (The Runaways, Joan Jett, Bikini Kill, Patti Smith, etc.), their sound is raw, powerful and infused with vitality.

Haggard Kings 8pm
Haggard Kings are a 5 piece country band from New York City that play classic country favorites and exciting new originals. They've been around the block and know their way around 3 chords better than most people in the 5 boroughs. Inspired by the likes of Buck Owens, George Jones, Gram Parson, and their namesake Merle Haggard, this band keeps the tradition of the Bakersfield sound alive with originals like "Coffee and Alcohol" and "Empty Halls." It's simply good music from a simpler time.

Paint night - 5pm
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