Saturday 08.17.13 - Dennis Doyle 8pm - Thundera all female punk band 9pm - Running Thoughts 10pm

Dennis Doyle 9pm
Dennis Doyle's music jangles with raucous guitar rhythms, twisted leads, and mixed with heart-felt lyrics. He takes you through dark alleys and bright streets, through the side streets of mayhem, and onto a road that leads to redemption. Dennis Doyle is a native of New York City.

Thundera all female punk band 9pm
Thundera is a head-bopping, arm-swaying, body-rockin' experience from a trio of women who make you feel their groove and will have you wanting more. The songs are infectious, the rhythm is undeniable and the calling is one you won't want to ignore. Like their influences (The Runaways, Joan Jett, Bikini Kill, Patti Smith, etc.), their sound is raw, powerful and infused with vitality. Help us promote your show by sharing your invites, online listing links, etc. (Please use our correct Facebook page for your evites - it's

Running Thoughts 10pm
Running Thoughts is a female-fronted, 3-piece rock/punk band hailing from Brooklyn, NY by way of The Bronx. Also known as 'RT', they are heavily influenced by The Ramones (Kings of the 16th note), The Runaways, The Kinks, and Kill By Inches. Their music is simple, hard, and loud - the way the Universe intended, and you may find yourself bouncing around during one of their sets without knowing how you got there. The trio began writing in 2008, and haven't looked back since - with songs like LVE (Shat on Me), Heroin, and've never heard anything quite like this before. Is that a good thing or bad thing? It depends on whose ears you listen with.