Monday 08.26.13 - Rooftop Gangstas Open Mic 7:30pm - Bill de Blasio Fundraiser 7pm - Tom Gamble 9pm - Karaoke Mondays at 10 PM with the Jared Michael Gniewek Karaoke Warzone

Bill de Blasio Fundraiser 7pm - Downstairs

Tom Gamble 9pm in the front bar
Tom Gamble is a young solo guitarist from London, UK. Having performed at venues including the London Guitar Show, Ronnie Scotts, Windsor Castle and at the 2012 Olympics he is fast building up a reputation as one of the most exciting performers on the scene. Taking inspiration from jazz, the american songbook as well as world music and a classically trained technique, his live shows have been praised for their virtuosity, spontaneity and humour.

Karaoke Mondays at 10 PM with the Jared Michael Gniewek Karaoke Warzone
The irreverent and raucous Jared Michael Gniewek Karaoke Warzone has been destroying popular music since 2010 when ex-metal singer and comic book
writer, Jared Michael Gniewek, began substituting for Bay Area karaoke 
icon, KJ Paul. Upon leaving San Francisco, a fundraiser was held by 
both enthusiasts and professionals alike to start the Warzone, sending him off to New York City saying “show
 them how we do it.” His events consist of a positive and 
jovial environment where people celebrate what karaoke is all about, 
transforming pop music into folk music and making extroverts go too far.

Rooftop Gangstas is now holding an open mic for comedians, musicians, poets and spoken word artists! All artists get 6-7 minutes of stage time, and will wow you with various talents, observations, and energies.  Come to the back room of the Branded Saloon and get your laugh on!!