Friday 08.09.13 PaintNight 6:30pm - LiLi 8pm - Audrey Kelley 9pm - Andy Milk 10pm

LiLi 8pm
Multi-Award Winning Singer-songwriter LiLi Roquelin has an ethereal beautiful voice and performs her English and French songs on the piano. Her unique yet catchy and contemporary music has received National attention through TV and Film placements, awards, music videos screenings and radio airplay. She will perform material from her latest record "Beautiful Sun". A must hear... and see.

Audrey Kelley 9pm
Bio: I started writing music when I was about 13. I stole my sister's guitar and started teaching myself songs on the internet. I put my first band together called Audrey and the Hullaballoo's with Joe Wood and Chris Churchill when I was 14. We mostly played original music,and a few covers. I have a wide range of influences but some of my favorites are: James Taylor, John Lennon, Stevie Nicks, The Kinks, Ben Harper, Elton John, Tom Petty, Peter Frampton, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Bonnie Raitt, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Springsteen. I wrote every song on my album which is now on iTunes. I am unsigned and I have been touring across the country promoting this album. The message behind my album is that anyone can accomplish their dreams with hard work and perserverence. After spending 5 years attending Occidental in Los Angeles, I moved back home to Ar. My album is rich with stories of my experiences in La and back home in Ar. I have a new album in the woks which will be released later this year.

Andy Milk 10pm

5pm - Brooklyn Artistry Presents PaintNite @ Branded Saloon 3pm - 5pm & 6pm - 8pm

It's an event in a bar near you - We provide everything - just show up! No painting experience necessary! Seats are limited so find your event and get tickets in advance. "