Wednesday 07.24.13 - Swing And Sway hosted by Sarah Alden and the Red Hot Rubies. Eva Salina Primack 8pm - Kaethe Hostetter 8:45 - Sounds of Ethiopia 9:15 - Red Hot Rubies 10pm

The Red Hot Rubies is a string band playing western swing, early jazz, and some fiery appalachian tunes and singing sweet harmonies. This New York band will leave you holding on to your seats like you're on a run away train, then leave you dreamy eyed looking at the stars. Sarah Alden-fiddle,Rima Fand-fiddle, Kyle Sanna-Guitar, Raphael McGregor- Lap Steel,  Jason Sypher-Bass.

Swing And Sway is Back!!!! Hosted by Sarah Alden and the Red Hot Rubies.

  • Eva Salina Primack- 8pm- singing and playing accordion
  • Kaethe Hostetter-8:45 - Sounds of Ethiopia on the violin
  • Aurora Nealand-9:15- singing, playing such instruments as accordion and every wind instrument available
  • Red Hot Rubies-10pm- rima fand, avi fox rosen, larry cook and sarah alden, doing some classics and some new


8 pm-12 am