Sunday 07.14.13 - Tour De France 9am Early Brunch, Specials, more! - The Band CC / Christine 8pm - Gianni (The Pine Hollows) 9pm

9am - Tour De France
Branded is opening for Brunch early today ,at 9 am for Bastille Day & Tour de France! $12 Croque Madame

8pm THEBANDCC was formed January of 2008, fresh from the ashes of a previous unit. Determined to make a mark, yet unable to find suitable members, Christine and Joe embarked as an acoustic duo. It would be another four years before the current lineup would be complete. The new tour is under way and the new lineup is heard on

9pm Gianni (The Pine Hollows) [Gee-ah-nee Pah-chee] Meet me at Pine Hollow Road Biography Gianni Paci may be young, but he has already amassed significant critical acclaim. Tiger Beat writes, "[Gianni] will be bursting onto the mainstream music scene soon," while Mike Ragogna of The Huffington Post suggests, "[Gianni's] indie pop/rock meets '60s roll makes for a Buddy Holly-played-through-a-Rolling Stones-amp experience." Performer Magazine just recently featured him on their cover.