Saturday 07.13.13 - Tom Phonic - Odd Logic - MATAS: Beat Scene - The Sperm Whale - Mic set up for any MC's in the house.

Full Description of what to be expected  = First of the summer UDKU summer series I'm putting together for 2013, is going to be on an awesome Saturday night. UDKU features local electronic, hip hop and dubstep producers playing all original music live in front of your eyes. Come nod your head, dance dirty, chill and have a drink all while enjoying the wondrous live visuals of the Sperm Whale duo. Want a taste of the tunes, click below:

Tom Phonic: Electronic / Boom Bap Instrumental
- http://tomphonic.com/

Bang Include: EDM / Bass / Moombaton
- http://soundcloud.com/banginclude

Odd Logic: Dubstep / Experimental / Hip Hop
- http://oddlogic.bandcamp.com/

MATAS: Beat Scene / Hip Hop / Lounge
- http://soundcloud.com/matasmusic

The Sperm Whale: http://www.thespermwhale.blogspot.com/

Really hope to see you all there, this UDKU kick off party is going to be a blast! Invite your friends.

PS- If there are any MC's in the house, we'll have a mic set up for some free style if you're so inclined.