Friday 07.19.13 - Stolen Rhodes 9pm - Cold Roses 10pm

Stolen Rhodes:
Rock 'n' roll that makes your ass shake harder, your beer taste better, and your girl look hotter. Most bands have an amusing anecdote to tell whenever someone asks them about their name. In the case of New Jersey quartet Stolen Rhodes, they have two.
“We had a Rhodes keyboard that was stolen from our singer earlier in his music career,” explains Kevin Cunningham, the band’s lead guitarist. And the other story? “The band may have commandeered a Rhodes at some point from an undisclosed location.

Cold Roses:
Whoever said rock and roll was dead must have just given up.
Possessed by the honesty and raw energy of yesteryear's rock and roll, Philly's Cold Roses "sound like they're straight out of a Texas roadhouse with their old-style country rock/blues combo" (WXPN). Their high-energy, eclectic live performances quickly led them to perform at some of their area's most premier music venues including World Cafe Live, Trocadero Theater, and The Legendary Dobbs, as well as be featured in publications like JUMP Magazine and Philadelphia Weekly. With the help of Kickstarter (and working overtime hours at lousy day jobs) the band headed to Atlanta, GA to record their self-funded debut EP "The Georgia Fugue", released in January 2013. Cold Roses' distinctive blend of rock n' roll, soul, blues, punk, and americana delivered with genuine, thought-provoking lyrics and unique songwriting has made their sound a refreshing musical experience. Whoever said rock and roll was dead must have just given up.