Saturday 06.15.13 - NYCGBL Post Game Social - Michael Sachs 8pm - Kenneth Helman 9pm

Kenneth Helman 9pm


Olivier di Place

"In his day job, Helman is a voice coach, and based on this album, I would go to him if I wanted to sing opera, musical theater, or R&B. Caught a Ride beautifully shows off Helman’s gifts as a songwriter. It is not immediately clear what is going on. That’s because the narrator is trying to hold his feelings in, and naming the situation would make that impossible. I won’t provide a spoiler here, because the song is well worth discovering on its own terms. But I will note the mention of 'his boyfriend', when we meet the main character." on Emerging"The uniqueness of his voice, clearly controlled but vaguely unsettled, seems to frame the stories that his lyrics weave. There is nothing to distract you from the fact that Helman is telling intensely personal tales with his songs, nothing between the listener, him, and his piano accompaniment. Broadway fans and those with an avid appreciation for a pared-down style, embellished only with talent, will probably treasure his work. Others probably won't get it."

Sounds Like: Rufus Wainright or Antony & The Johnsons
Listen To: "Caught a Ride", "Passing Stranger"

"The spontaneity and energy of his arrangements are further evidence of his great talent."

Michael Bennett (Director, A Chorus Line)
"You're wonderful, Maestro!"

New York Post
"Helman reminds us that music can carry a message as potently and effectively as a lyric...[His] ability to synthesize Broadway and pop within a classical mode left me breathless...Helman's brilliance will have sophisticated listeners doing backflips." — Bob Harrington

Michael Sachs 8pm

Trio Muzac includes Devin Drobka on drums, Kenji Herbert on guitar, and Michael Sachs on woodwinds. They first met while attending Berklee in Boston and have since then developed a unique and intimate sound improvising together. Their music might be compared to jazz, rock, noise,  classical, classic rock, classic……the list goes on.