Wednesday 05.29.13 - Terry Dame's Weird Wednesdays Series New music performed on original musical contraptions. 7:30pm

The May edition of Weird Wednesday presents new music for weird strings featuring guest artist weirdos Ben Simon and Hans Tammen and introducing the new monthly segment "60 Seconds of Weirdness". Ben Simon plays a set of songs on his homemade one-man-band guitar. Components in the guitar include: a Yamaha keyboard from 1990, Boss dr rhythm drum machine from 1986, novelty sound effects, mic, mixer, reverb and 20 watt Pignose amp. 

Han Tammen produces rapid-fire juxtapositions of radically contrastive and fascinating noises with his "Endangered Guitar". From micro-polyphonic timbres and textures, and aggressive sonic eruptions to quiet pulses and barely audible sounds be prepared for an otherworldly sonic journey. As always there will be a little offering from yours truly, curator, host and chief weirdo Terry Dame. I'll probably break out some Barps for weird string night and may have a secret special guest or two. All the excitement starts at 8pm at The Branded Saloon in Prospect Heights. Come on down, don't be scared. All required safety gear will be provided. In addition to amazing and weird entertainment there is delicious comfort food, great beer and lovely people at the Branded too! I promise it will be Odd & Fantastic!

HANS TAMMEN creates sounds that have been described as an alien world of bizarre textures and a journey through the land of unending sonic operations. He produces rapid-fire juxtapositions of radically contrastive and fascinating noises, with micropolyphonic timbres and textures, aggressive sonic eruptions, but also quiet pulses and barely audible sounds – through means of his “Endangered Guitar”and interactive software programming, by working with the room itself, and, as a critic observed, with his “…fingers stuck in a high voltage outlet”. Signal To Noise called his works “…a killer tour de force of post-everything guitar damage”, All Music Guide recommended him: “…clearly one of the best experimental guitarists to come forward during the 1990s.” BEN SIMON is an instrument builder, woodworker, composer, performer and experienced music teacher. He has built guitars and bass guitars, keyboards, thumb pianos, tongue drums and many experimental instruments. He toured France and Italy twice with instruments he built. Ben employs circuit bending (the art of modifying electronics such as keyboards, drum machines, children’s toys, etc.) by adding switches and dials to the instruments’ circuitry to produce sounds they were not designed to
TERRY DAME (host/curator) is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, instrument inventor and mad scientist. Mastermind behind the invented instrument ensemble Electric Junkyard Gamelan and it's solo offshoot ElectronGong. Dame has been delivering original musical innovation to NYC audiences since 1985. "Terry Dame is one of those eccentric musicians for whom composing isn't enough, she has to create new instruments as well. A downtown fixture." (Time Out NY)