Thursday 05.02.13 - Shmaltz beverages presents Donny Vomit from Coney Island , USA Performing at 9pm - Are You Smarter than Mona Mour? 8:30pm - Mr. Wonderful Karaoke 10pm

Shmaltz beverages presents Donny Vomit from Coney Island , USA Performing at 9pm. 

One hour performance. Donations suggested. Coney Island Lager and Mermaid Pilsner 12oz bottles as well as the Human Blockhead and Rejewvenator on draft.
"So for the event I will be bringing a large bag of tricks. I am going to be performing a wide array of sideshow stunts that I have learned over my years working for the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. Acts of the strange, odd, wird and bizarre.

I will be performing the Human Blockhead. Driving Six Inches of solid steel into the center of my skull and live to laugh and joke about it.
Power Drills, screwdrivers and other bits of hardware will be going places they should never go!
I will glom down over twenty inches of Solid Steel. Swallowing a sword from the tip of my lips right down to the base of my stomach. Some lucky audience member will have the chance to pull the sword from my body!
After swallowing swords a three foot long balloon will be swallowed. An act that will make the ladies blush!
Magic is also on the line up for the evening. A playing card will disappear and reappear in the most unusual places...
I will raise a glass and make a toast. From hooks in my eyes I will rase a pint to the folks brave enough to watch.
Escapeology will also be in the mix, Thumbcuffs and shackles will melt away effortlessly before your eyes.
And did I mention juggling. Well there will be juggling. For a touch of circus skills machetes will be tossed with the greatest of ease. An arial ballet of blades.
There will be all this and more! Animal traps, I think I still have a straitjacket laying around somewhere. It will be great."

The charming and debonair Mr. Wonderful hosts this evening of Karaoke featuring everything from country favorites to pop-classics, every Thursday at Branded Saloon

Thirsty Thursday Trivia 8 PM 

Are You Smarter Than Mona Mour? Prizes ! Booze ! Food !

Find out every Thursday at 8pm when the Brooklyn and PTown drag starlet Mona Mour hosts a free team trivia game at Branded Saloon in Prospect Heights.  Will your team walk away the winner or will Mona stump you with her vast knowledge?   Prizes for first, second, and last place!  Grab some grub and guzzle some booze as you put your brains to the test.  Weekly at 8pm.  Free.