Saturday 05.11.13 - Pi Jacobs - LA based singer songwriter 9pm - A Mother's Day Tribute to Joan Crawford - midnight showing 12am

Pi Jacobs is an LA based singer songwriter that you've probably heard, even if you haven't heard of her.  With over 60 national TV, Film and Advertising placements, her "UrbaniCana" sound captures the heart of the homesick city dweller, yearning for simpler times, as well as the isolated artsy types, alone in their American Small Towns.

Pi Jacobs now resides in LA, but has lived in NYC and was raised in Northern California, by hippies, artists, bohemians and activists. Her forthcoming fifth album, UrbaniCana, was collaboration with renowned producer Eugene Toale, whose credits include Kanye West, Mya, Brandy, and Raekwon, and features The Beastie Boy’s Drummer Fredo Ortiz on every track.

Join Tammy Wynette as she hosts this Mother's Day tribute to Joan Crawford, screening the cult classic with a special narration by Joan herself!