Monday 05.20.13 - Rooftop Gangstas Open Mic 8pm - The Jared Michael Gniewek Karaoke Warzone 11pm

(open to comics, musicians, and poets)
6-8 mins for comics, 2-3 pieces for musicians and poets
Show starts at 8PM
email rooftopgangstas@gmail,com to ensure a spot or sign up at 7:30PM
(I recommend emailing)
Donations for advertising purposes appreciated

The Jared Michael Gniewek Karaoke Warzone 11pm
The irreverent and raucous Jared Michael Gniewek Karaoke Warzone was
formed in San Francisco in 2010 when ex-metal singer and comic book
writer, Jared Michael Gniewek, began substituting for Bay Area karaoke
icon, KJ Paul. Upon leaving San Francisco, a fundraiser was held by
both enthusiasts and professionals alike to start the Jared Michael
Gniewek Karaoke Warzone, sending him off to New York City saying “show
them how we do it.” His events consist of a positive and
jovial environment where people celebrate what karaoke is all about,
transforming pop music into folk music and making extroverts go too far.
He will be running every 1st and 3rd Monday at 11pm in the back room of Branded Saloon at 603 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn NY.

Dates for Branded Saloon for Spring and Summer:
April 1st and 15th
May 6th and 20th
June 3rd and 17th
July 1st and 15th
August 5th and 19th
September 2nd and 16th