Friday 05.17.13 - **ReW & WhO?*** JeReMY BuRSiCh is the WhO? 4-5pm - Late night - The Momos 9pm - Nafsi Groove 10pm - The One Love Band 11pm

Friday 05.17.13 - **ReW & WhO?***  JeReMY BuRSiCh  is the WhO?
Here's the link to watch LIVE
4:15...Jeremy BuRiSch 
4:30...Bryan Thornton  
4:45...Noni Rene 
5:00...The Bizzy Regime  

The Momo's 9pm
Franky and the MoMos hail from the swamps of Florida. They love to foot tap and croon fro you.

Nafsi Groove 10pm 
Nafsi Groove is a Brooklyn base band mixing soul and jazz fusion.

The One Love Band 11pm