Wednesday 04.24.13 - Terry Dame's Weird Wednesdays Series New music performed on original musical contraptions. 7:30pm

This months spectacle of weirdness presents composer/musician Ben Neill and his mutantrumpet and The Harvestworks Hybrid Instrument Lab mini showcase with Lee Free and friends displaying electronic toys and max patches for bassoons and other oddities.  As always Dame will present her own 15 minutes of musical weirdness on Terraphones, electronics and windy surprises!

BEN NEILL is a composer, performer, producer, and inventor of the mutantrumpet, a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument. He has been called “a creative composer and genius performer” (Time Out NY). “the mad scientist of dancefloor jazz” (CMJ Journal), and “a musical powerhouse, a serious and individual talent” (Time Out London). Neill’s music blends influences from electronica, jazz and minimalism, blurring the lines between DJ culture and acoustic instrument performance.

Terry Dame is a composer, performer, instrument inventor and producer.  She is the mastermind behind the invented instrument ensemble Electric Junkyard Gamelan.  Her music uses otherworldly sounds to create hypnotic melodies and exceedingly danceable grooves.  Time Out NY says "Terry Dame is one of those eccentric musicians for whom composing isn't enough, she has to create new instruments as well.  A downtown fixture".

Lee Frisari aka Lee Free is a drummer, composer and educator based in Brooklyn, NY.  Inventor of the BikeBeat Midi Controller, Lee brings raucous, entertaining and explosive energy to each musical performance.  A risk taker, original thinker and melodic powerhouse he has performed and toured with MEN, Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion and Terry Dame's Electric Junkyard Gamelan.