Sunday 04.14.13 Urban Achievers - 7pm Tara Lynne - 8p Paul Estrada - 9p Dan Paul Roberts

Tara Lynne Band is usually a 5-piece raucous hootenanny band, but this night will be an intimate glimpse at the songs with just T.L. on guitar and lush harmonies by Zac Gilbert. "Brash, poetic, and gifted singer-songwriter with an electrifying stage presence, empowering lyrics, and an impressive vocal range." -Philadelphia Weekly "I love Tara Lynne Band..This song is like a patchwork quilt, so many pieces sewn together w/ a twangy common thread..always a pot of gold at the end" -Rew Starr of ReW & WhO about "Awake in a Dream"

In this day of boy-bands, electronica and recycled classic rock, a fresh face has emerged from the depths of the Bronx. Paul Estrada has somehow figured out how to circumnavigate the industry and come up with a new yet familiar sound. Trained as a visual artist, he allowed music to grow as a pure form since childhood. At a recent show he threw hundreds of rose pedals on the stage after the show while artist Doug Desjardins did windmills on the floor. He seemingly has no need for an actual band but his music can be heard on Facebook simply under Paul Estrada Music or at

Dan Paul performs a selection from The Make Up, his upcoming canon of heartfelt, autobiographical songs. Accompanied by special guest musicians. Dan Paul is an artist of many trades. He writes and illustrates children's books, go-go dances on the weekend, and is an accomplished drag queen. This night however is not about glitz, posturing or illusion. These are songs straight from the heart, a man of many faces baring his true self. His new album, The Make Up, will be available this spring, and this performance is a preview of some of those songs.