Friday 04.12.13 - motorcow 8pm - Junior Lunch 9pm - Peter Teacup and band 10pm


9pm . Junior Lunch unpacks original jazz and music by Deerhoof, Bjork, Dylan
Guitar, synth, bass, and beats: this is sound of JUNYA LUNCH!!!

10pm Peter Tascio and Band bring their unique blend of post-psychedelic-folk-art-rock
Soundscapes...guitar solos in reverse...rock and roll. Feedback and delay...singing...3 bar phrases. Songs about love and a culture mesmerized by its own cleverness. And audience art! As Peter Tascio plays, his notebook is passed around for the audience to draw in. The art that is channelled during the performance is later posted online for the world to see in all its glory. Come for the music, stay for the draw.