Wednesday 03.27.13 Lil' Daddy Reba McEntire all night - Terry Dame's Weird Wednesdays Series New music performed on original musical contraptions. 7pm-10pm

DJ Lil' Daddy Reba McEntire (Saint Louis, MO):

Non-stop party jams and one-of-a-kind remixes, smash 'em-ups, and some tacky-ass pop collisions! Get your mutha fuckin' teeth dirty!

The new monthly series features NYC's finest instrument inventors and performers of objects and other oddities.

Host Terry Dame will be trying out some new musical experiments involving a stethoscope, Altoids boxes and a slightly out of control antique horn midi controller! This month's edition will also feature sets by instrument builder musicians Isaac Zal and Ken Butler.

Isaac Zal has been working on experimental instrument research for 10 years. He will be showcasing the brand new Bass Earlar at Weird Wednesday. Earlar is a new form of instrument technology in which a harmonic feedback loop is created by player input, allowing the player to access infinite harmonic overtones in any scale. This is accomplished with some relatively low tech electronics, and a specialized resonance chamber constructed from thin steel sheet metal. The Bass Earlar was completed in the first month of 2013, and will be preformed live for the first time.

Ken Butler’s Voices of Anxious Objects
The artist-musician performs mesmerizing world textures and driving melodic gypsy grooves with passion and purpose on an amazing arsenal of amplified hybrid string instruments made from household objects and tools. Duchampian Dada meets Hybrid Hindu Hendrix as function and form collide in an environment of hyperactive hardware. Musical influences include Indian Raga, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern folk and classical music, Flamenco, and Roma Gypsy music mixed with a noisy "downtown" improv aesthetic all held together by a strong dose of African-American jazz, rock, funk, and blues.