Tuesday 03.26.13 Blackwater Mojo 8pm-10pm and BINGO! 8pmish

Blackwater Mojo (Seth and Erin Young) have performed their signature blend of Hill County Blues and Appalachian Roots all over the United States, as well as in Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, and Easter Island. Dubbing their sound “Reso-phonic Stomp”, they derive their unique sonic from a bare-bones instrumentation; steel resonator guitars, a single bass drum, and raw, soul-infused vocals. Deeply influenced by pre-war blues and the music of their native Randolph County, West Virginia, they create a sound that is at once modern and vintage. Blackwater Mojo released their debut album, Cold Holler, in the spring of 2012.
Come get your BINGO in the front bar!

Tuesday at Branded Saloon 8-9pm - Tammy Wynette Bingo!! Corn dog, PBR, and Mountain Dew Slushie specials!

It's NOT your Grandma's Bingo.. although we think Grandma's Bingo is also FUN!