Saturday 03.02.13 Curtis Snyder 8pm, The Ripple Road Band 9pm

The following description comes from His Funkness Fred Thomas, Legendary Bassist for James Brown Band: "The Ripple Road is not just an ordinary band with the look and sound of hundreds of modern bands. They are unique and self-styled. They prefer to look at the Big Picture.
Their influences are derived from all types of music, from Jazz to Rock, from Blues to Caribbean.
They have never stopped serving up their musical salad, and many of us have found enjoyment
at their table. I am always amazed at how The Ripple Road’s music is simple, catchy, and touching. The simplicity of their music and professionalism with which they play it has touched
audiences of all ages, from teenagers to Senior Citizens.
They fascinate me, and I’m not afraid to say that The Ripple Road is an event in the musical world.