Friday 03.29.13 Oko Yono (and friends) alllll night! 8pm: The Paisley Fields, 9pm: Hannah Thompson, 10p: Oko Yono makes their DEBUT!

8pm: The Paisley Fields  
Fresh from their 2012 tour of the eastern seaboard, Jessica Kimple and James Wilson of the Paisley Fields delight the crowd with their spunky blend of county and classic rock.

9pm: Hannah Thompson
Stepping out of her Neo-hippy outfit - the Johannas - Hannah Thompson makes her Branded Saloon, playing evocative dirges,

10p: Oko Yono makes their DEBUT!  
You might remember Nick Messitte from Adult Situations or Metro Drugs. Or you might know him because he booked your act at Branded. Or you might not know him at all. Whatever the case, come watch him and his rock-opera star ladyfriend sing the sappiest love songs imaginable.