Monday 12.17.12 Face-melting Flamenco with John Doing at 10pm

Musicians from around the world join genre-bending Brooklyn percussionist John Doing in a new configuration every week ranging from Jazz to HipHop to Spanish Flamenco to Afro-Beat.


Born in Amsterdam, Holland, John Doing was exposed to music at an early age.  While listening to vocal warm-ups and concert arias by his lyric tenor Dad, James Doing, his Mom (a guitarist and school music teacher) taught John rhythms and rhymes.  Soon he was singing, tapping, and beat-boxing along with television and improvising his own melodies.  John has now studied and performed music on 4 continents.  He played djembe in weddings in Mali and Guinea, West Africa and Samba drums in Carnaval in Brazil.  He played Caj√≥n in Peru from Lima to Machu Picchu, and he plays Flamenco music with Spanish gypsies.  Join John Doing as he finds a way to put these cultural experiences together with jazz, funk, rock, blues and more, Monday nights at 9:30 at the Branded Saloon.

John Doing attended NYU for a Masters in Jazz performance and performed in New York with Kenny Werner, Brad Shepik, John Benitez, Chris Potter, and Lenny Pickett.  As both a percussionist and drumset player, he performs in a myriad of bands at diverse venues such as the Blue Note, Symphony Space, The Bitter End, and many more.

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