Wednesday 11.21.12 This Is Not The Radio - with Lynette Williams, Lynette Williams, Marvin Dolly, Erez Eisenman and Eyal Shmuel Hai

Erez 8pm:
Erez and the End's music combines the elegant intensity of Classic Rock with the rich lyrical tradition of singer-songwriters, in ways reminiscent of that weird hybrid of traditional styles called Dire Straits.

Adam Iorfida 8:30pm: 

Lynette Williams 9:30pm:
Lynette Williams has a beautiful voice, sometimes known to bring audience members to tears, and a songwriting style that is truly unlike anything else out there. She creates music that is complex and simple, dark and joyful, abstract and tangible, sometimes all in the same verse. Her sound is a mixture of soul, pop, blues, rock, folk, jazz, with a little twang, or in fewer words, indie soul.

Eyal Ha 10pm:
Born and raised In Holon Israel, Eyal started to play classical music on the piano at the age of 5. When he was 11 years old Eyal picked up the Alto Saxophone, the instrument that introduced him to jazz music and changed his life. Already from a very young age Eyal has been playing as a soloist and touring all over Israel and the world with different bands. After he had finished his mandatory military service as a lead Alto Saxophonist in the Israeli Defense force orchestra, he moved to United States to attended Berklee College of Music.
On December 2010 Eyal has graduated from Berklee College of Music with great honors. There he was fortunate enough to be a part of the Global Jazz Institute, lead by the great Danilo Perez, which later invited Mr. Hai to play at his CD release shows. During his studies Eyal has worked and performed with musicians such as Jack-Dejohnette, Danilo Perez, Ben Street, John Patittuci, Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, Antonio Sanchez, to name a few. And played in important Venues such as Blue Note (NY), Dizzy’s Jazz club (NY), Yoshi’s (CA), Kuumbwa (CA), Panama Jazz Festival, Scullers (MA), Regatabar (MA), Beehive (MA) and many others.
After college, he moved to Brooklyn New York. His innate musical abilities on saxophone have recently translated into incredible songwriting skills. He combines folk, jazz, avant-garde, pop, and soul to create his own unique sound. With a voice which beckons ones attention on every note, he truly stands alone. His songwriting is new, fresh, and innovative. You are bound to fall for his beguiling yet unpredictable melodies, harmonies, and lyrics. He is one act you cannot miss.

Marvin Dolly & Jay Lateef 10:30pm:
Marvin Dolly BIO:  Passionately driven to create good music, arranger and composer Marvin Dolly combines his love for jazz with broad influences from calypso and brazilian music to create his signature style. Originally from the beautiful Island of Trinidad and tobago Marvin has started playing  the guitar at very young age studying the classical guitar and take part in various music festivals in the caribbean, gaining popularity marvin  began touring extensively throughout  the Caribbean ,United States,Canada,Europe. Feeling the need to pursue his musical career further marvin move to london to study at the Institute of contemporary music performance upon which he have had the opportunity to study with great musicians from around the world which include:Barry Langton,Chris Newland , Charlie Griffths, Dario Cortese, Amit Chatterjee ( joe zawinul,richard bona,Etienne mabappe) Gianluca Corona, Iain Scott,Phil Capone Mike stern ( miles davis,blood sweat and tears,michael breaker ) just to name a few.                     Moving back to trinidad marvin was quickly hired by the University of the Southern Caribbean as a guitar tutor,teaching over a hundred students a week and holding masterclasses to help students to develop there improvisation skills in a live situation. Playing in parties and wedding on weekends, marvin has an optimistic outlook on life ,and feels that every experience is charged with the capacity to transform, upon which he has decided to migrate to the United states were he work on the  Cruise Lines as a jazz musician , moving to New york city and partaking in jams and informal sessions with more established musicians like :Lonnie Plaxico, Freddie Bryant,Adam Rafferty,Paul Beaudry,Edwin Canito Garcia,Mimi Jones. Currently working on his first  album with top musicians like Frederika Krier, Doron Lev,Ryan slot nick, Jesse Murphy:Regina Carter,John Scofield, Brazilian girls,with strong influences from his mentor Mr Freddie Bryant,Marvin technique is at a very high standard were a 80% of his gigs in new york city  are solo gigs with attention already received,Marvin is pushing himself to have his voice difined in music,both as a sideman and as a bandleader.ed, Mike is pushing himself to have his voice defined in music, both as a sideman and as a ba                                                                    
Jay Lateef  BIO:: Jay Lateef is an up & coming musician based in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Deeply rooted in the Jazz tradition, he merges various influences from all over the world into his unique style of playing.
Jay Lateef plays drums, classical & ethnic percussion, piano & is a composer, arranger & teacher.
Over the years Jay has worked with the likes of Louis Bauzon's Harbor Latin Big Band, Hector Martingon, Freddie Bryant, Gregor Huebner, Leszek Zadlo's European Art Ensemble, Fjoralba Turku, Claus Reichstaller, Paulo Cardoso, Marvin Dolly, Patrice Blanchard, Richie Beirach, Roy Hargrove & many more.