Tuesday 11.27.12 Aviva Jaye 7pm - Sarah Alden 8:30 till ?

Aviva Jaye takes a homespun approach wielding voice, harp, piano & guitar to share raw material that shimmers with a certain finesse. Her songwriting skills are a clear contribution to the refined sound that results, with simple, haunting motifs & transparent lyrics. Fans of a trained artist who draws from the simplicity of Joni Mitchell, depth of Feist & clarity of Regina Spektor will be pleased.

www.twitter.com/avivajaye *mention me: @avivajaye. I mention Branded. =)

Sarah Alden's Hot to Trot Band

Sarah Alden-If New york City was transported to the heart of the appalachian mountains and if you found yourself in a scary hallow on a very late night this might be the band that you hear. It’s music inspired by traditional appalachian tunes, old-timey jazz and balkan music, then reinterpreted with dense thick sounds that are moody, yet driven like a wild train. This group has recently completed their first record which will be out in September. Sarah Alden and Rima Fand of the luminescent Orchestrii play twin fiddles and sing, Brandon Seabrook shreds a tenor banjo, Raphael Mcgregor sweetly swings on the Lap Steel, Jason Sypher lays down the bass and some guest artists. http://www.sarahalden.com/

Raphael Mcgregor
Raphael McGregor has gained a reputation for his high-quality and innovative steel playing with groups such as Nation Beat, Brain Cloud, and the Moonlighters. With his own band he draws on the traditions of Western Swing, Modern and traditional jazz, and Blues to create original compositions that feature the steel guitar in an exciting new way. At Branded he will alternate between playing solo sets and bringing his band of highly-acclaimed musicians: Oran Etkin on reeds, Nick Russo on guitars, Jason Sypher on Bass, and Vinnie Sperazza on drums.