Sunday 11.11.12 Dead Amble hits Branded Saloon for some NYC cowpunk-country-rock barn burnin’!

Making do with what they got, Dead Amble comes out to celebrate the simple joys of backwater lifestyle while wettin' your dancin' and singin' whistles with some ol' "Tenneessee Honey" fueled hootin' and hollerin'!  Come rock the night away with your local NYC country boys ready to tear it up to get you down!

Band Name :: Dead Amble
  We have a song that is kind of our single called "Tennessee Honey".  It's all about drinking Jack Daniels with your friends and is our sing-along party tune most people know.  This song is available as a FREE download at if you'd like to promote that!

We would love to have specials on Jack Daniels shots or drinks when we play that tune and will happily promote that special!  When we play that tune, we do Jack shots on stage and would love if the audience would join in with us!

Show invite: