Monday 10.01.12 Bill Horrace Trio, featuring Dave Solazzo and Jeff Brillinger.

A trio on Oct 1.

Bill Horrace (bass)
Dave Solazzo (piano)
Jeff Brillinger (drums)

Jeff is a heavyweight, having played with Chet Baker and Stan Getz.  You may want to promote it as Bill Horrace Trio, featuring Dave Solazzo and Jeff Brillinger.

Cheers, Bill

William C. Horrace
Professor of Economics
Melvin A. Eggers Economics Faculty Scholar
Syracuse University


The Bill Horrace Band blends original jazz and contemporary tunes into a style that is dynamic and modern. Whether in the form of a duo, trio or quartet, the band incorporates elements of bebop, blues, soul and rock into performances that are fresh and uplifting.

In summer of 2010 Dave Solazzo (p) and Bill Horrace (b) formed the Solazzo-Horrace Duo.  In fall of that year the band added John Betsey (d) to the lineup and shortened the name to SoHo Trio (an acronym for Solazzo-Horrace Trio). Over the next year the SoHo Trio developed a large fan base and played many shows in the Syracuse area, culminating in a performance at the 2011 Northeast Jazz and Wine Festival in downtown Syracuse.

In fall of 2011 Tom Bronzetti (g) was added to the lineup. The band realized at that point that the name SoHo Trio was limited in its scope for change and flexibility, so after much thought the group was renamed The Bill Horrace Band.

Since then, there have been many incarnations of the band, but throughout its history the talents of Bill Horrace and Dave Solazzo have been constants.

The Bill Horrace Band has worked with many notable musicians, including Marshall McDonald (Count Basie Orchestra), Jeff Brillinger (Chet Baker Trio), Rick Montalbano (Jane Monheit Band), Joe Riposo, Greg Evans, Cory Cali, Chris Jones, John Rohde and Josh Dekaney.


"This band is unstoppable, immaculate, top-quality... It's the Bill Horrace Band" - Gene Wexler, WOKV, Jacksonville, FL, 2012

"The trio has always been one of the true foundations of jazz music and it has evolved from generation to generation.  The Bill Horrace Band is an example of what a modern day jazz trio is all about.  Piano...bass....and guitar....yes guitar.  Bill's steady bass playing is the glue that holds this group together, complete with Dave Solazzo's effortless touch on the keys, and Tom Bronzetti's superb guitar work.  The trio mixes in standards with some cleverly arranged pop covers that have a modern jazz sensibility about them.  These are three exceptional musicians who are on the same page from the first note to the last." - Eric Cohen WAER Syracuse, 2012

"The Horrace Trio plays everything from Robert Johnson to Radiohead. The repertoire includes standards such as "My Favorite Things" as well as compositions like Horrace's "Contradictions," Bronzetti's "Roxford Road" and Solazzo's "Song in C". While Horrace holds it all together with his propulsive rhythmic drive, Bronzetti and Solazzo improvise inventively, trading riffs and quoting familiar tunes.  This is an extremely entertaining trio." - Russ Tarby, JAZFAX, 2012