Saturday 08.11.12 The Pushovers w/ Melissa Li and the Barely Theirs

The Pushovers:

Smart power pop meets sensitive singer-songwriter,
comes out of the closet and gains requisite political
angst and cynical wit, then forms an all-girl,
all-lesbian, all-awesome band.

The Pushovers are a Smart-Pop Folk Rock band based in Brooklyn,
Washington, DC and Baltimore. All seasoned singer-songwriters, Mara, Nancy and Liz sing
tight backing vocals, beat box, and breakdance. OK, only Nancy breakdances, and that
sometimes ends her up at the ER.
The band has a full guitar, bass, and drums sound, and lots of 3-part harmonies.

All three musicians have solo careers that involve nationwide touring with their own music.
In 2008 they joined together and have played colleges, festivals and venues from
San Francisco to NYC.

Mara Levi - lead vocals, bass guitar, backing vocals, beat boxing
Nancy Eddy - lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals
Liz DeRoche - backing vocals, keyboard, beat boxing

Melissa Li & The Barely Theirs is a Brooklyn-based power-pop collective known for their infectious anthems, driving bass lines, and lyrics both earnest and charged. Influences range from the catchy pull of pop to the sparse authenticity of folk, with sweeping, explorative guitar solos gracefully tethered by large, controlled vocals. Dance-ready singles like “The Beginning” are bound to get your washed out Chucks moving, while the expansive swell “Darren’s Song” recalls the sound and structure of early, West-coast indie rock – fearless, heart-felt, and inspiring.

Since 2009, Melissa Li and drummer Ashley Baier, guitarist Chris Takita, and bassist Darren Lipper have performed at Union Hall, Bowery Poetry Club, WOW Hall, Milwaukee PrideFest, Toronto and New York Pride, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and countless local venues across the country. Follow them, friend them, see them live.